ArcherPoint’s Business Success Relies on an Innovative Framework and Core Values

ArcherPoint’s Business Success Relies on an Innovative Framework and Core Values

This year, ArcherPoint is celebrating its 20th anniversary and we’ve touched on numerous topics on how we’re continuously striving for success by promoting our service standards and core values. However, our corporate success also owes a lot to our innovative structure and processes that have allowed us to execute and identify the right business strategies, while our core values have helped find the right employees.  

One important critical ingredient to our business success has been the principles stated in the book Traction, Get a Grip on Your Business. Gino Wickman’s Traction centers around the idea of providing an entrepreneurial operating system that allows your company to harness great business ideas and implement them. ArcherPoint has seen tremendous growth over the last twenty years and the use of Traction’s business framework has produced a process for continued success.    

ArcherPoint’s Vision and Business Success  

From the start, ArcherPoint’s vision has been shaped by our core values that we embody everyday: Delighting Clients with Amazing Work, Building an Enduring Tribe, Cultivating Inclusion and Belonging, and Learning and Always Challenging. We want these values to endure and be present in our actions every day.

However, as many companies know, there can be a considerable gap between a company’s core values, aspirations, business goals, and what people in the organization act on. But why not connect all these elements into business success? Traction’s six key components, below, provided a framework for ArcherPoint and we’ve never looked back.

Six Key Components from Traction:

  1. A vision
  2. The Right People
  3. Data
  4. Issues
  5. Process
  6. Traction

As part of the entrepreneurial operating system which Traction is based on, companies need to define processes and answer questions. The first component, Vision, requires companies to answer eight questions to define these essential business elements: what are your core values, business focus, ten-year targets, three-year picture, market strategy, one-year plan, quarterly goals and your unique issues.

This first step is instrumental in defining a company and ArcherPoint was able to bring all of these elements together to create a foundation that’s created immense business value for 20 years.

Essential Business Processes Needed for Execution

Of course, for business success, a company should have a system in place to identify business ideas and execute on them. That’s where number six, Traction, comes into play for ArcherPoint. Traction is a systematic way of sharing ideas with colleagues by way of weekly and quarterly meetings that allow for collaboration and follow-through.

There’s a flow and cadence needed to get traction on any long-term goals. At ArcherPoint, we do meet weekly within our teams to ensure progress on goals and projects. The Vision Traction Organizer (VTO) from “Traction” helps us stay focused on the big things that matter to achieve what we have stated is most important. As part of the flow of meetings, we also review and refresh our VTOs quarterly and yearly to ensure that they stay as vivid, relevant and that our goals propel us into action.

Finally, when we look at “the Right People” component in the Traction formula, it means everybody needs to contribute and that we don’t unintentionally function as a top-down company. While there are key people in certain positions, the business’s momentum hinges on everyone’s commitment to our core values, chosen business practices, and empowerment model.

Join a Company that Has a Clear Purpose

Does the Employee Stock Ownership Plan and core values in this blog post appeal to you? Would you like to work for an organization that lives them? We are always looking for talented people, so we invite you to explore opportunities with us.

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