Company Service Standards | Empowering Employees to Unleash Customer Potential

Company Service Standards | Empowering Employees to Unleash Customer Potential

While ArcherPoint is celebrating 20 years in business as a Microsoft Dynamics Gold ERP Partner for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central, we are also showcasing our core values and company service standards that has led to our great success as a company. Many companies lead with mission statements or present customer-centered values, but back in 2014 ArcherPoint delivered our service philosophy and service standards that exemplified how employees could use a holistic framework to move past a task process in helping customers to an experience mindset.

Our service philosophy and standards take cues from subject matter expert, Dennis Snow, who believes in cultivating a service philosophy that offers a proactive mindset for employees and results in more responsiveness to clients and situations. In his book, Unleashing Excellence, Snow says many organizations overcomplicate initiatives, and this leads to less-effective decision making and project management.

With ArcherPoint being a leader in ERP software, services, project management and implementation, we knew this was the right approach for our clients.    

ArcherPoint’s Hierarchal Service Standards

Our hierarchal, service standards are the behaviors by which ArcherPoint employees deliver our “true product,” the unleashing of our customers potential. They ensure that our values reflect the “lens of the customer.” So below are ArcherPoint’s four service standards:  

  • Promote Wellbeing
    • Customer and ArcherPoint Personal and Physical Safety
    • Customer Business Safety (do no harm)
    • Acceptable Risk vs Opportunity Tradeoff for Customer and ArcherPoint
    • Respond with appropriate urgency
  • Acknowledge Communication
    • Professional (Courteous, Honest, Timely, Empathetic, Spellchecked, Active Listening)
    • Appropriate (Relevant, Clear, Consistent, Documented)
    • Confirmed (Written and Verbal)
  • Honor Commitments
    • Accountable (Ownership)
    • As Agreed Upon as Promised
  • Be Professional
    • Appearance
    • Conduct
    • Presentation
    • Deliverables

“Promote wellbeing” is our lead value, and this top-down service methodology allows employees to always refer to this number one criteria and its underlying foundation, such as customer and ArcherPoint personal safety while being to respond with appropriate urgency. This lead value is instrumental in all decision making and, in particular, when the service standards come into conflict with one another. They can be and are used during normal, challenging, and times of extreme duress, such as the global pandemic.

With our hierarchal service standards in place during Covid-19, our employees were able to make clear decisions when it came to personal safety in travelling and working with clients. We maintained both employee safety and customers’ safety as the top priority throughout the most intense months of Covid-19, and we didn’t require anyone to travel who didn’t feel like they could for any health or safety reason.

Our other service standards also reinforce the company’s commitment to customers via clear and concise communication, honoring commitments, and professionality and conduct.  In total, these service standards enable employees to implement efficient decision making, no matter what role, and communicate these decisions to customers while producing best-in-class initiative. In the end, ArcherPoint’s service standards help us unleash our customers’ potential by building and teaching better processes, while empowering those businesses and the people within them, with technology and insight.

Join a Team That Lives Its Values

Did the service standards discussed in this blog post appeal to you? Would you like to work for an organization that actually lives them? We are always looking for talented people, so we invite you to explore opportunities with us.

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