Improving Customer Service with an ERP

Improving Customer Service with an ERP

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning software, can benefit your business in a variety of ways from enhancing efficiencies, streamlining processes, to improving customer service. By taking advantage of the automation and efficiencies of an ERP, the benefits to your customer service efforts can be significant: from reduced data isolation, errors, wait times, and more.

Solving Data Isolation

The fundamental reason for implementing an ERP solution is solving the issue of data isolation. ERP automation prevents customers from being transferred through endless department cycles to get the answer they need. One system and one database houses all of the information they could want to know. This empowers your customer service team to answer questions from customers and reduce wait times. Getting higher quality information faster from the first phone call is sure to make a big difference in the satisfaction of your customers.

Reducing Errors

If you have an outdated ERP system, or worse yet no system at all, your customers are definitely feeling the effects. Customers receiving errors from manual entry points in your sales orders cost them time and money to correct. This also reflects poorly on your company’s image. An ERP system greatly reduces and often can eliminate the need for manual entry in sales orders. With less human entry, there are far fewer chances for errors to make their way to customers. The way Microsoft Dynamics NAV handles this is through workflow and Job Que. These processes allow for the software, Dynamics NAV, to perform actions instead of users. The result of this is a huge reduction in errors, and that will save your company money and improve your image with clients.

Wait Times

Another pain experienced by customers is the time between purchase order and invoice receipt. This down time causes issues with inventory management and proper costing. The larger variance in the lead-time the more work a client has to do to estimate costs for you. The easier you can make this process for your client the more valuable you become to them. With Dynamics NAV, this time difference is through automation. This not only helps your internal process have better information but the time savings is great from a client perspective as well.

For more information on why your business can benefit from an ERP solution, what to consider when making the decision to purchase an ERP, to how to choose an ERP system that is right for your business needs, and more, please visit our resource center and subscribe to our blog.

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