Number one Reason your Business needs an ERP Solution

Number one Reason your Business needs an ERP Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, despite its name, is not just for enterprise-sized companies. Almost all businesses can benefit from an ERP solution. ERP software is designed to help the flow of internal business processes and allow for communication between the various business departments and its internal functions and data. Despite the numerous benefits of using an ERP system, the number one reason most (if not all) businesses need an ERP solution: multiple software systems. Most companies use many software tools and systems to run their business resulting in redundant work, poor communication, ineffective collaboration, lack of access to accurate, real-time data and other costly issues. Moving to an ERP solution can help resolve many of these issues.

Multiple Software Systems and Data Collection and Access

Take a minute and consider how many different software systems your company uses for the various departments: accounting, human resources, fulfillment, sales, marketing, etc. How does each department keep track of metrics and processes? And, if you are not in one of those departments, how do you access the data? Can you? It’s inevitable; multiple software systems lead to data silos. When data is collected and stored in disparate systems across multiple departments, accessing data can be difficult. Getting a full, comprehensive data analysis can be close to impossible. And, getting that picture with real-time updates? Forget about it.

With the pace of business getting faster and more mobile, it is becoming critical that you can access accurate data in real-time. An ERP solution can integrate all of these processes so that real-time data, for every department, is housed in one central location, allowing everyone to share appropriate information as needed.

Multiple Software Systems and Your IT Department

Managing, maintaining, and monitoring multiple software systems can also be a strain on your IT department. It takes a lot of time and resources to manage and maintain multiple systems. Moreover, if you are growing business, you probably do not have that kind of time, energy, or resources to deal with the issues around maintaining multiple software systems. An integrated ERP solution can let you to stay focused on growing your business instead of keeping up with internal software demands.

While an ERP solution will not solve all of your business issues, selecting an ERP software solution for your company can make a big difference. Having the ability to consolidate systems, improve business processes, and reliably and easily access real-time data, can be the key to long-term success.

To find out more about choosing the right ERP software for your business, read our article: Choosing an ERP: What’s right for your business? For guidance in establishing a budget for your ERP, you may want to review our article: How much does Dynamics NAV Really Cost?

ArcherPoint specializes in the ERP solution from Microsoft, Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV). We are a full service partner, providing business analysis, implementation, support and upgrade services to our clients. Our biggest concern is that your organization gets the ERP solution and partner that are the best fit for your company, whether or not you choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and whether or not you choose ArcherPoint. Contact us today to learn more.

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