Is an Unlimited Support Plan for Your ERP Necessary?

Is an Unlimited Support Plan for Your ERP Necessary?

Undeniably, your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is the foundation of your business operations: affecting all areas from sales to invoicing to personnel. However, while an ERP is unquestionably a key part of any company’s success, you may be asking yourself, is an unlimited support plan for your ERP really necessary? Isn’t the support that comes standard with an ERP system sufficient?

It may seem excessive, paying for an unlimited support plan for an ERP when your company has already invested heavily in said ERP. It is often assumed that the support that comes standard with the ERP will be adequate for your company’s needs. However, what about all the needs that you can’t anticipate? What if your company grows more rapidly than expected or you have a personnel turnover that was not planned? An unlimited support plan can help. Having an unlimited support plan assures your company is prepared for any need, any eventuality, especially those that are not foreseen.

Another benefit of an unlimited support plan for your ERP is the cost savings. That may seem like an oxymoron, “saving money by spending money” but in this case, it is true. An unlimited support plan allows you to know exactly what your support cost will be for an entire year (or however long your support contract stipulates). You can budget and allocate company resources around that set cost. You will know that by having that unlimited support plan in place, you can get help with any ERP-related need, potentially nipping an expensive repair or fix before it is too late (and much more expensive). In addition, an unlimited support plan frees up your existing IT team to spend their time and efforts on maintaining and improving your company’s internal IT needs. You will not have to spend the resources to train them on the specifics of your ERP and/or hire additional personnel to handle internal IT because your current IT team is working on ERP-related needs.  

Further, an unlimited support plan allows you to get the most out of an ERP system. If you have a question about how something works, need some advice on improving a process, or you are looking for ways to get more out of your system, you can get support. If have new hires who need ERP training, an unlimited support plan provides for that. They can ask an unlimited number of questions, it is part of the plan, hence the name, “unlimited support.”

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