Faster Resolutions to your Dynamics NAV Support Requests

Faster Resolutions to your Dynamics NAV Support Requests

The Care and Feeding of Dynamics NAV Support Requests

One of my primary job duties as a developer is to handle support requests when Dynamics NAV throws up unexpected errors. Sometimes these are minor issues, like when someone cannot raise a customer’s credit limit over ten million dollars. And sometimes, these are major issues, like if an entire warehouse cannot ship orders. Generally, my customers want me to fix the support requests as quickly as possible. Over the years, I have come to notice some things that can help speed up the process of getting support requests fixed.

Tips for Faster Resolution of Dynamics NAV Service and Support Needs

Below are some tips that will help you get faster service from someone trying to troubleshoot a Dynamics NAV issue. (Some of them are applicable to any technical issue, not just NAV.) 

  • Send detailed instructions on how to replicate the problem. The first thing I do when I am trying to fix a problem is to replicate the problem. If I can re-create the problem, I can look at the steps it takes to cause the problem, and then I can start trying to figure out how to fix it. If I do not have instructions on how to replicate the problem, I wind up experimenting and guessing how to make it happen, and that eats up time that could have been spent fixing the issue.
  • Send in examples and specific details. If a report is not printing correctly, scan the report and circle the incorrect items. If it’s a NAV page or report that’s giving you trouble, tell me the page number; you can look it up by going to the little downward pointing triangle in the upper left of every page in NAV and then choosing Help -> About This Page. You can also send in screenshots of errors by using the Print Screen key on the keyboard and then pasting the results into an email. 
  • Submit contact information. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses are both very helpful, so that we can talk to someone and learn more information about the problem. For example, if I hear that “Stephanie in Accounting” has a problem with issuing invoices, but there’s no email address or phone number for her, it is going to be difficult to get ahold of her and get information about the problem or let her know that I have fixed it. If the support request comes in letting me know that “Stephanie Jones in Accounting” has a problem with issuing invoices, and I can reach her at a specific phone number or by email a specific email address, then I can talk to her and get the problem fixed. 

I hope that these tips will help you have a better experience with support. For more information on the various support and services ArcherPoint provides, please visit our website. For any specific support need, please contact our support center at or call 1-866-343-4517, option 2.

(Special video game update: I have been playing Fire Emblem Fates recently, and I’m enjoying it a lot.  I started out playing Conquest and now I’m working on Birthright.  I like the story in Conquest a little better, but I have enjoyed both games and I’m looking forward to Revelation.)

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