Adopting a Unified Platform: Six Ways It Can Transform Your Restaurant Business

Adopting a Unified Platform: Six Ways It Can Transform Your Restaurant Business

Your restaurant business relies on great service for its success. Unfortunately, keeping costs down does not always lend itself to delivering a fantastic atmosphere and keeping productivity up. Without technology that supports your goals, all your effort and hard work can end up being for nothing. Seeing the benefits offered by unified commerce software in the retail industry, many restaurants are now replacing their legacy systems – which often consist of separate, disconnected or barely connected software solutions – with a unified platform that unites all business processes and data, from the front of the house to the back office, in one central location. Here are six reasons why you should consider moving to a unified platform for your restaurant business.

1. One Version of the Truth 

If every department had the ability to access and operate using the same data, just imagine the impact. That’s precisely what you gain with a unified platform for restaurant businesses. The system combines data from all areas of your business. When accessed, you can be certain that all information is accurate, and that your colleagues, regardless of location or department, are seeing the same figures – no need to reach out to each restaurant location or worry with trying to combine Excel files. 

2. Less Time Needed for Training Staff

When you must train staff to use multiple systems you are wasting time. In the restaurant industry, much of your staff are temporary or likely to move on fast. Constantly training new people is one time and resource burden you do not need. Implementing a unified platform for restaurant businesses means you only need to train staff once. If the need arises to shift staff to a new role across departments, whether for a single shift or indefinitely, they already know how to use the system – no time for extra training needed.

3. A Multi-Concept Business Operating as a Single Brand 

Traditional barriers between industries are crumbling. Retailers are opening cafés, hotels, and even dance clubs. Food service businesses are expanding by adding retail and entertainment to their offerings. Consumers are loving these new concepts – but only when they are well executed and provide guests with a consistent, smooth experience. A unified platform for restaurant businesses provides you with that opportunity.

4. Elimination of Separate, Error-prone Processes

Traditionally, running your business required a separate accounting software solution, a Point of Sale (POS) system, a kitchen management system, reporting tools (often spreadsheets), vendor management, business intelligence tools, and probably several additional software systems. Today you can get all the functionality you need for your restaurant in a single system. What will you see when you only use one system? You have all your information collected in one place – clear-cut and easily accessible.

5. Only One Vendor to Deal With

Managing and maintaining multiple technology systems can drain resources and budget. If there is an issue, IT might need to coordinate with multiple vendors – and if the issue involves an integration between different systems, you might have to absorb the additional monetary expense and extra time needed to find a technician familiar with the separate software systems involved. Software updates can also be complex and costly when you are working with a myriad of systems – especially when one system update causes a breakdown in the integration. A unified platform for restaurants can eliminate those complications.

6. Clear, Real-Time Information for Guests

So much can be said for going the extra mile to make your guests feel welcome and taken care of when they dine with you. American Express found that 7 out of 10 US consumers are willing to spend more money if a company delivers great service. What do you do if your business systems are getting in the way of you delivering great experiences? Envision, then, how different if would look if you only had to work with one solution, from one technology provider. One system update, no integration changes, and one single vendor providing 24/7 support for your entire business system. This is what a unified platform can provide to restaurants.

Strengthen Your Business for Long-Term Success with a Unified Platform for Restaurants

Retail has already been transformed by unified commerce and restaurants can benefit by implementing an omnichannel retail strategy. With ArcherPoint’s unified platform, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and LS Retail, you can unite all your business functions and processes to provide a clear, all-inclusive picture of your entire operation. With centralized information and decision-making, you can cut down on waste and operational costs while providing a superior guest experience and earning loyal customers. Contact ArcherPoint’s F&B experts to discuss your strategy for implementing a unified platform.

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