Advantages of Moving from GP to a Microsoft ERP Solution

Advantages of Moving from GP to a Microsoft ERP Solution

For the past several years, since it became evident that Microsoft is focusing future development on Dynamics 365 Business Central and less on Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), GP users have been hit hard by vendors and partners trying to convince them to move to another ERP. While some of the information being presented to back up the argument to either stay on GP or migrate is valid, some is not, so it is challenging to know what decision is best. 

With this series of blogs and related resources, our goal is to provide you with some answers to help you make your decision. We discussed the advantages of a cloud ERP in The Case for the Cloud. In 9 Advantages Offered By Business Central, we reviewed the advantages of Business Central over GP, which Microsoft will no longer invest in developing. We then discussed 4 options available to Dynamics GP customers.

The Advantages of Staying With a Microsoft ERP Solution

While there are many ERP solutions on the market that are appropriately sized and equipped for a company moving from Dynamics GP, there are as many compelling reasons to stay with a Microsoft ERP product, like Dynamics 365 Business Central. If you’re considering a move from GP, consider these advantages as you research the options:

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the power behind any Microsoft application, providing flexibility in consumption based on need at any given time, enabling mobility, and breaking down the walls between applications that keep data siloed.

Full Integration with Other Microsoft Products

Microsoft products fully integrate. If you use Dynamics Business Central as your ERP, it automatically integrates with Microsoft’s productivity suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.), Teams, and SharePoint. If you’re already using these tools, user adoption is faster and training time is reduced. You’re also building on your existing infrastructure investment; if you are already using the Microsoft platform, you can build on this investment with additional solutions. 

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Because Microsoft solutions offer robust, built-in functionality the integrate efficiently with your other Microsoft infrastructure products, your total cost of deployment is reduced.

GP-to-BC Migration Tools

Microsoft provides tools to help with the migration of Dynamics GP data and transaction history to Business Central, simplifying the process of changing systems.


Microsoft solutions are built to be scalable so you can make an investment and get the most out of it for years and years to come. Easy to customize and configure, Microsoft products scale to support your needs as you change and grow, and a monthly subscription model makes it easy to scale up or down as needed and very quickly, depending on growth but also seasonality and unexpected changes in the market.

Reliability, Security, & Compliance

Microsoft solutions are built on a platform that is used more than any other because it is trusted more than any other. With applications on Azure, your data is safe (with Microsoft’s uptime SLA), you can be assured all compliance laws and regulations are adhered to, and you always have a configuration that will work across Microsoft’s product lines. 

Decades of Experience, from Vendor to Partner

There is perhaps no software vendor or partner network with a stronger reputation than Microsoft. Microsoft provides stable, fully functional foundational software and systems, and your local delivery partner has the experience and training to design a solution using those products, then implement and optimize it. In short, you can count on Microsoft and Microsoft partners like ArcherPoint for quality products and services.

Applications for Every Requirement

With Microsoft’s huge network of Independent Software Vendors (ISV), you have access to hundreds (over a thousand for Business Central) add-on applications available for specific needs—typically industry specific. These apps are vetted by Microsoft before listed in AppSource, Microsoft’s online marketplace, so it’s very easy to find an app for a specific business requirement. 

The Power Platform

Designed by Microsoft to help companies (VERY) quickly, easily, and cost-effectively build apps and manage data, the Power Platform—consisting of Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents—is a low-code, no-code toolset that can be used to build applications and workflows for specific functionality you need—which can connect with or pull data from Office, Dynamics, and any other Microsoft or third-party application or platform (without touching that app or platform). This eliminates the need in many cases to take on the expense of large, time-consuming customization/development efforts.

Pricing incentives

Microsoft often offers cost incentives for GP clients by reducing the price of GP licenses to open the door to moving to a subscription model for GP hosted online or Business Central.

Discover More About Migrating from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central

ArcherPoint is staffed with Business Central veterans who can be of assistance as you consider your options and make your plan for moving from GP to another ERP. Whatever you decide, we can help you make a smart plan and execute it to make the transition as smooth as possible while taking full advantage of a modern cloud ERP.  

To learn more about making the switch from GP to Business Central, download our FREE eBook, Moving from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Contact ArcherPoint to talk about your options, questions, and concerns, and take advantage of our FREE Assessment offer to help you decide on the right path for your business.

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