Business Central 14 is Moving Out of Mainstream Support: What to Do Next

Business Central 14 is Moving Out of Mainstream Support: What to Do Next

It made sense to upgrade Dynamics NAV to Business Central (BC) 14 a few years ago, but it doesn’t make sense to stay there any longer. Here are some of the reasons that so many companies upgraded to BC 14:

  1. Microsoft announced extended mainstream support for BC 14 beyond their stated 18-month modern lifecycle policy to October 2023.
  2. This version allowed C/AL and AL development environments to coexist. Many companies moved to BC 14 due to their extensive customizations in Dynamics NAV, giving them plenty of time to convert their C/AL customizations to AL Extensions, given the extended support offered by Microsoft.
  3. The extra time also allowed ISVs to not only convert their add-on solutions to AL but also time to create the tools for users to upgrade these add-ons (versus reimplementing them).
  4. Many clients weren’t ready to move to the Web Client user interface when it was first released.

What Happens in October 2023 When BC 14 Support Ends?

It’s now 2023, and BC 14 will move out of mainstream support with the upcoming 2023 Wave 2 release this October. What does this mean for those still on BC 14 after support ends?

  • If you have a problem, Microsoft will not provide a resolution. Your partner may support versions that Microsoft no longer supports, but if the partner cannot resolve them, they don’t have a path to resolution.
  • Microsoft is not required to provide cumulative updates, fixes, or patches. This means that security and compliance can quickly become outdated.

The Next Step for Customers on Business Central 14

It is now time to upgrade, or at least start planning your upgrade. Hopefully, you’ve taken the opportunity to convert your customizations from C/AL to AL and have done so fully aware of Microsoft’s Universal Code Initiative.

If you haven’t made your upgrade plan, start with an upgrade quote. We offer a comprehensive quote with no obligation. Let’s get started today.

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