Correcting the Issue of the Microsoft Business Central Developer Environment Crashing

Correcting the Issue of the Microsoft Business Central Developer Environment Crashing

When you’re developing in C/AL in Business Central/NAV 2018, you might run into this issue: You want to edit the code in an object through the Developer Environment, and the Application automatically crashes or closes without displaying an error message. This occurs when you open a Codeunit or click on C/AL editor in a Page/Table, and it occurs only when you are designing the object and go to C/AL code by hitting F9.

Following is the solution to this problem:

  1. Open the Business Central Development Environment from the command prompt.
  2. Set the path to your RTC folder and add this command at the end:

C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central130RoleTailoredClientfinsql.exe” useoldeditor=yes

You can now open the Developer Environment and use the C/AL Editor without any issues.

  1. Simply close and reopen the Developer environment to change back to the new editor. Since this is a workaround to bypass the issue, you can close the dev environment once you finish the code changes in C/AL. The only disadvantage is that you will not be able to take advantage of the Intellisense feature.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This change should be made before you start coding, because, once you hit F9, the system will start closing or crashing, so you won’t be allowed to make any code changes.

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