Cybersecurity The Strength of Microsoft Azure

Cybersecurity The Strength of Microsoft Azure

Cybersecurity and data maintenance are a chief concern of every business and organization – and with good reason. Modern cybercriminal activity has become a sophisticated industry that continues to impact every aspect of global web usage. Looking at this in context clearly demonstrates the extent of this threat:

  • An estimated 230,000 new malware samples are launched daily
  • Of these, ransomware attacks specifically have been the source of almost 40% of malware data breaches
  • Over 65% of these breaches took months to discover while over 85% compromised critical infrastructure within minutes

Further complicating the situations, the rate of these attacks across business networks has doubled annually for the past three years. And this trend is predicted to increase at an even higher rate.

Azure and Threat Mitigation

While all threats can’t be anticipated, they can be mitigated. And the most successful strategy for accomplishing this is beginning with a solid foundation. Drawing from years of experience as an industry leader, Microsoft’s security protocols are built into every product and service “from the ground up.” As importantly, this development is ongoing; it’s continually developed and improved upon.

Looking specifically to Microsoft Azure, users are provided with a range of security tools and capabilities. Microsoft addresses these features in four specific areas:

  • Secure Platform
  • Privacy and Controls
  • Compliance
  • Transparency

Focussing on several individual aspects more clearly demonstrates the extent of security measures that Azure is capable of providing.

Platform Security

Cybersecurity and privacy have been incorporated from initial design stages forward. Microsoft’s Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) provides constant threat analysis and updates to address the everchanging scope of threats. From attack surface analysis to threat modelling, SDL practices continually address potential risks and vulnerabilities. While this also provides reduced maintenance costs, it ensures the latest and most technically advanced standards are employed to protect your information.

Network Security

Azure’s network security protects your information from unauthorized access and attack by applying strict controls to all traffic. This gives users control over who has, and to what degree, access to their secure network. Azure network controls include:

  • Network layer control
  • Route control and forced tunneling
  • Virtual network security appliances

Combined with other network security features, these provide users with the tools necessary to identify and address potential security issues. Even more, Azure Security Center works with users to provide thorough security integration as well as:

  • Providing network security recommendations
  • Monitoring the state of your network security configuration
  • Alerting you to network based threats, both at the endpoint and network levels

Physical Security

Azure’s global accessibility is supported by an international network of physical data storage facilities. Accordingly, Microsoft employs a range of physical and personnel security measures to further ensure security at each of these facilities, including:

  • Complete surveillance and access monitoring
  • Fully secure access control and procedures
  • Constant support from Microsoft’s Cyber Defense Operations Center

Microsoft Azure and Your Security

Microsoft Azure’s secure foundation and continual evaluation provide the highest standards of cybersecurity available for your business or organization. To read more about what Azure can provide for you, please see our blog post Microsoft Azure and Dynamics NAV. If you have specific questions about Microsoft Azure and how these security features can best protect your data and information, please contact ArcherPoint. A member of our team will be glad to discuss exactly what’s available and how you can take full advantage of it. 

Good cybersecurity starts with understanding what you can do. In our webinar Demystifying Cybersecurity with ArcherPoint, we pack a lot into 30 minutes, including endpoint management, password health, backups, end user education, and more.

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