Dynamics NAV 2015: RDLC Report Heading Won’t Print

Dynamics NAV 2015: RDLC Report Heading Won’t Print

Have you ever had the problem in Dynamics NAV where column headings do not print on all pages?

Often, the fix is not that hard.

In this blog, ArcherPoint’s Denise Blaisdell shows you one way this issue can be resolved in Dynamics NAV 2015. As her example, she starts by running the Accounts Receivable Aging report.

NOTE: A transcript of the video follows below.

Have you ever tried to run a report in NAV 2015 and found that the headers or the column headings on all the pages do not print?

I’m going to show you what I mean by running the Accounts Receivable Aging report.

When I preview this report, page one has headings at the top, then it has filter headings, and then it has some column headings.

If I go to page two, all those headings are gone.

I’m going to show you where you can go to see if the issues can be resolved

If you go to the development environment…

Find your report …

Go into Design mode…

Then you go to View, Layout, to go into Visual Studio.

In Visual Studio there are lines in the Tablix.

For this particular report, the first two lines are for printing a summary version of the report.

In the bottom two headers lines, print the details of the report is printing.

When you look over to the right, you’ll see properties for each of the lines, but none of the properties in this section have anything to do with printing on every page.

What you have to do is come down to the column group section.

Click on the down arrow and go into Advanced Mode.

Once you do that you will see all these static lines come up.

But you need to look at the static lines for the row groups.

Once I click on one of these lines, you will see that up at the top, the line that matches it is highlighted.

If I click on the next one, the next line is highlighted up above.

What you will also see is you will have a different property box over on the right, with different properties that you didn’t have on the lines earlier.

The two fields that you are interested in to make the headings print on every page are KeepTogether and RepeatOnNewPage.

They should both be True.

So I’m going to start at the top and change these all to True.

Go to the next one.

Change this to true, and the third one, and the fourth one.

Now if I don’t get them all and I use the Build function to compile the Visual Studio report, I get an error concerning that Tablix.

That just tells me that I missed one of them.

And I did, I missed this last one.

Then I set that to True and recompile.

Now if you look down at the bottom, I have successfully compiled the Visual studio report.

Now I can close this.

That brings me back to Report Designer and I say “Yes” that I want to save the layout change.

Then I compile the report in Object Designer.

And when I go back to RTC to run that report again.

The same report, preview…

Page one has its headings and page two also has its headings.

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