Dynamics NAV-Based Solution Options for Managing a Better Warehouse (Part 1)

Dynamics NAV-Based Solution Options for Managing a Better Warehouse (Part 1)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are incredibly complex and designed to perform a myriad of functions in support of company operations. As a result, these applications are not known for being best in class for any one particular thing. Frankly, it is hard to be great at one thing when you are trying to be good at many things. ArcherPoint believes Dynamics NAV (NAV) is no exception. As a result, a large and thriving ISV (independent software vendor) community has built many point solutions to make NAV more powerful than you will find it “out of the box.”  This blog series will focus on four specific ISV options that aim to help NAV users run a better warehouse. It is important to have options as each company has its own unique requirements: one size does not fit all.

As many readers know, Dynamics NAV is evolving to the cloud with the recent release of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365 Business Central). NAV ISVs must, in most cases, also adapt their software design and write their code to work in a multi-tenant environment. I will be sure to mention where the various ISVs stand in regard to the cloud.

ISV Option #1: Lanham Associates

As one of the original warehouse management software (WMS) ISVs in the NAV marketplace, Lanham Associates has established a large presence in the community. Their focus is supply chain operations and has built a broad suite of software modules designed to improve this critical operational area.

One component of a good supply chain is a well-managed warehouse. To that end, Lanham offers its ACE Warehousing modules, which will combine to meet the needs of small and medium-sized manufacturers and distributors.

Historically, Lanham software embedded itself into NAV. This yields true integration and a combined solution that looks, feels, and performs as one. The downside to true integration is that upgrades become more complex and costly. Over the last year or two, Lanham has been working hard at resolving that issue while simultaneously aligning itself with future software architectures that will become prevalent as D365 Business Central gains adoption. The effort is nearing completion and will yield a robust and cost-effective WMS solution available on-premise, hosted, or in the cloud. 

Key ACE Warehousing Features and Benefits Include:

  • Wireless receipt of all inbound documents with E-Receive integration
  • Barcode Label Printing
  • Support for warehouse picks, put-away, Movement and Physical Inventory Documents
  • Breakbulk and Unit of Measure optimization
  • Fully integrated with Lanham E-Ship for scanning, packing, and shipping
  • Support for Production Output and Consumption
  • Conduct physical inventory without affecting bins
  • License Plating support and efficiency
  • Outbound Warehouse Request to enable better shipment decisions

Lanham is available as a perpetual license or on a subscription basis. Learn more about Lanham Associates’ products and features.

ISV Option #2: HighJump

HighJump Software is one of the largest providers of WMS software. In 2017, Körber, a private equity firm in Germany acquired HighJump. Körber intends to fold HighJump into its line of supply-chain related businesses and leverage these disparate companies to provide better solutions for customers. 

Today HighJump offers a very powerful suite of products that complex and high-volume warehouses may find meet their needs. HighJump sits outside NAV and requires a connector (available from the vendor) to interface with an ERP back-end solution. This solution will generally be more expensive than others that provide WMS support for Dynamics NAV.

HighJump Might Be a Good Fit for the Following Operations:

  • 3PL third party logistics
  • Manufacturing automation
  • Complex transportation requirements
  • Furniture retailers
  • Voice-directed warehouses

HighJump can deliver the largest set of features when compared to other WMS offerings for NAV. The list is too long to provide here, but the company boasts these benefits:

  • Decreased implementation times
  • Real-time visibility to all data
  • Increased inventory accuracy, efficiency, and productivity
  • Embedded Business intelligence
  • Improved Shipping
  • EDI/ASN compliance
  • Higher worker satisfaction

HighJump is offered On-Premise, Hosted, or in the Cloud and is licensed for each of these scenarios. Go here for more details on HighJump product features and functionality.

Lanham Associates and HighJump are just two of the ISV options available for companies that use Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Learn more about WMS for Dynamics NAV and be sure to subscribe to our blog so you will receive part two of this series where we detail two additional WMS ISV options.

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