Dynamics NAV EDI Functional Acknowledgement Status Page

Dynamics NAV EDI Functional Acknowledgement Status Page

Lanham’s EDI includes several underutilized tools. One of those is the Functional Acknowledgement (FA) Status Page.  When you send an EDI document such as an 810 – a sales invoice – the receiver will send back a 997 Functional Acknowledgment to acknowledge receipt of the document.

Dynamics NAV - Lanham EDI Functional Acknowledgement Page
Figure 1 – The Functional Acknowledgement Status Page in Dynamics NAV

When you mark an EDI Document as Funct. Ack. Required, this sets the Funct. Ack. Required field to Yes on the EDI Send Document. When you open the Functional Acknowledgement Status Page, the Funct. Ack. Required field on the EDI Send Document Header is used to filter only those EDI Send Documents set to Yes.

EDI Send Documents with Errors

The most obvious use of the FA Status Page is to track Send Documents with errors.  When there is a document with errors, select the line with the error.  You can now click on Receive Document in the task bar to see the Received Document. You can view the AK3 and AK4 to see what error caused the rejection.
Selecting Receive Document
Figure 2 – Select Receive Document to View Errors

On the Received Document (997)
Select View
Figure 3 – Select View on the Received Document

Once you have the document open, you can click List Fields to get a drilled down view of the fields in question.

Select List Fields
Figure 4 – Select the List Fields Option from the Ribbon Menu

EDI Receive Document Fields
Figure 5 – List View of the Receive Document Fields

You can also view the Send Document by clicking on Send Document and then View on the Send Document. This will allow you to view the fields noted in the AK3 and AK4 in the 997 received.

Once you are finished with the document you can then remove the Requirement. This will reset the Funct. Ack. Required field to No and the document will be dropped from the Page.

Note:  If you fix an EDI Document that had errors and resend it, you must resend the document from scratch. Do not make changes to the original Send Document and then re-export it.  Exporting the document updates the Group Control No. and Transaction Set Control No. This will break the link with the 997. 

EDI Documents Not Received

You can also use the Functional Acknowledgement Status Page to make sure your Trade Partners have received EDI Documents (e.g., 810’s 856’s etc.) you have sent. As a general rule there should not be any EDI Documents with a Funct. Ack. Status more than a day old. Most Trade Partners will acknowledge receipt within a few hours. If you have Sent Documents unacknowledged more than a day old, you should investigate whether the document has been received by the Trade Partner.

Understanding all the components of the Functional Acknowledgement Status page, and being able to use it to its fullest potential can help your company be more efficient, and ultimately realize a bigger return to your company’s bottom line. For more on Functional Acknowledgements, please contact one of our consultants to help walk you through this tool.

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