Get Lean with Data Automation

Get Lean with Data Automation

Technology has come a long way from disparate legacy systems with inconsistent programming languages to Manufacturing Resource (or Requirements, depending on how far back in history we are talking) Planning (MRP) systems designed as an organizational and scheduling tool for manufacturers, to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Nonetheless, even with the most current and robust systems in place, manufacturers and distributors are still looking to reduce costs and improve efficiencies across all functional areas of operations. With that in mind, they look to their lean roots for some direction. However, there is not a “one size fits all” solution for becoming leaner.

How can your organization can become leaner? With disparate systems, there are consequences for not having a clear picture into your data, because without that visibility you cannot find the areas of your business that need addressing, which in turn affects your ability to make educated business decisions, costing you time and money.

This is where data automation comes into play. Notably, there are four areas in data collection that could be automated to reduce costs: Inventory barcoding scanning or RIFD, labor and time entry, document capture, and shop floor data collection.

If you want to learn more about these for methods and become a leaner organization, download our FREE Tip Sheet: From the Shop Floor to the Top Floor…Four Ways to Reduce Costs Using Automated Data Capture today!

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