How to Mix and Match Discount Offers in LS Retail

How to Mix and Match Discount Offers in LS Retail

Discounts are a common strategy for retailers to attract customers. Handled correctly, periodic discounts (by season or other) can help stimulate business during slow times, clear out unwanted stock, and increase loyalty among existing customers.

However, discounts can also devalue a brand or product. It’s important to have a strategy for offering discounts, which might include mixing and matching discount offers, which gives you more flexibility to tailor discounts to your customers’ needs and preferences. 

The Mix & Match 0ffers, part of the Periodic Discounts functionality in LS Retail’s LS Central, allow you to combine different items into tailored offers. For example, you can select several different items from different Retail Product Groups for a specific offer.

In this video, Neeraj Rajpal demonstrates how to configure offers using the Mix & Match feature.

For additional assistance with periodic discounts or other functions in LS Retail, contact ArcherPoint’s retail team.

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