LS Retail How-To Correct Missing Transactions in Statements

LS Retail How-To Correct Missing Transactions in Statements

In this video, Neeraj Rajpal demonstrates how to address issues related to missing transactions while posting statements in LS Retail. 

Missing point of sale transactions will cause an error when you attempt to post a statement in LS Central. This might occur if you have a discrepancy in transactions in your store database versus your head office database for instance. 

The error will state:

“Unable to post Statement

Some Trans. Sales Entry and/or Trans. Payment Entry are missing. Run the ‘Check Transactions’ function for detailed information.”

When related entries are missing from your statement, you will receive this error. It is simple to rectify this issue of missing transactions, even in batches. Watch to see how it’s done.

For additional assistance with working with the POS journal or other functions within LS Retail, contact ArcherPoint’s retail team.

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