LS Retail Releases LS Central Version 16.4

LS Retail Releases LS Central Version 16.4

LS Retail, a leader in software for retail companies, just released the latest version of LS Central, version 16.4. This blog highlights some new features.

Enhancements for Replenishment

Of particular interest to retailers is what they have added in the area of replenishment. Having a reliable replenishment strategy is more important than ever these days, so you’ll be happy to see these new features:

  • LS Central now offers the option to consider lead time in replenishment calculation. By entering when items are expected to be received in the store or warehouse, the replenishment journal will propose the quantity to be ordered based on when the items are expected to ready for sale. This will increase confidence in orders meeting sales demand. 
  • During replenishment calculation, you can now take into consideration the pricing offered by your vendors. LS Central will automatically select the vendor with the lowest price in the purchase replenishment journal. If you’re replenishing to the warehouse, it will select the vendor with the lowest price based on the total quantity of whatever you’re ordering for all the stores; if you’re replenishing directly to your stores, you can choose whether the vendor should be selected based on the quantity of the item ordered for a specific store or the total quantity for all stores. 

Enhancement for Restaurants

LS Central 16.1 included functionality for reservations, allowing you to take reservations for all your locations in the same POS. Version 16.4 has added functionality for a waiting list. The system also automatically prompts you to review the list if there is a cancellation, so you never miss an opportunity to fill a table and provide great customer service. With the pandemic prompting governments to limit seating capacity, these are very helpful enhancements.

Enhancements for Hotels

LS Central for hotels now offers several new features. First, a calendar view of bookings makes it easy to see and drill down into reservations, modify or move them, view housekeeping status, and allocate rooms in the future. Hotel Contracts functionality lets you to set up contracts and define rate codes within specified time periods. When you add a customer with an established contract to a reservation, their contract rate code is automatically applied to that reservation. Finally, version 16.4 makes it easy to import reservations from a PMS or other external systems into LS Central.

Learn More About LS Central 16.4 and Start Using It Now!

Learn about all the updates in the LS Central 6.4 Release Notes.

To download this release, log onto the LS Retail Portal and navigate to the LS Central/LS Nav section under Products (Latest release). Contact the ArcherPoint Retail experts with any questions and find out more about what ArcherPoint and LS Central can do for you.

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