Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Enhancements Part 2

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Enhancements Part 2

If you are not familiar with the numerous improvements made by Microsoft to Dynamics NAV 2017 and earlier, view the videos below to learn about some of the enhancements that will benefit both new and veteran Dynamics NAV users.


Previously, pop up notifications were the norm for notices such as inventory not available for an order, but Microsoft has expanded on this functionality to make system notifications in Dynamics NAV more personal. Now, instead of a pop-up interfering with your workflow, a notice line appears at the top of the screen, allowing the user to ignore it, delete it, or get more details about the notification.

Permission Sets

Create permission sets much more easily than in the past. Microsoft now allows for recording the steps required of an individual or role within Dynamics NAV and permission sets will be created from the recording, which captures all of the forms, tables, pages, code units (direct and indirect access) required for the individual user to perform their tasks in NAV.

Assisted Setup

Setting up Dynamics NAV for the first time can be a daunting project. Microsoft now provides wizards to determine your requirements so you have access to the functionality you need, personalizing the setup for your company’s needs. The setup wizards cover topics such as; migrating business data, cash flow forecasting, approval workflows, email, email logging, Microsoft Outlook for Financials, reporting, sales tax, and more making setting up critical functions easier than ever.

Currency Exchange

Establishing currency rates and keeping them updated is critical for companies that use exchange rates. You can now use web services in Dynamics NAV 2017 to setup a currency rate job queue with your currency rate provider and keep them current automatically.

Exporting to Excel

For years, Dynamics NAV users have been able to export NAV data to Excel for ease of manipulation. This feature has continuously been improved upon. You can now update data in Excel and sync that data back into NAV, allowing users to work in their tool of preference, while ensuring NAV data is current.

For more improvements in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, check out Feature Enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, Part 1 or view the entire list of NAV 2017 enhancement videos on our YouTube channel.

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