Microsoft Dynamics NAV Reporting Options: Jet Reports vs Power BI

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Reporting Options: Jet Reports vs Power BI

Businesses and organizations of every size are capable of collecting a mountain of information on a regular basis. Putting this information to work for improving process and practice is another issue. Without the right tools, accurate data analysis is difficult at best. And lack of insight at this level ensures poor decision making and missed opportunities.

Given the right tools, this information can be fully organized and analyzed, providing the actionable information required of making well-informed decisions and improving all aspects of any business. This is where Microsoft Dynamics NAV users have a distinct advantage: access to Power BI and Jet Reports. Each of these powerful solutions provide the data insight and actionable information that users need to make the most of these valuable resources. 

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a tool that provides users with the ability connect multiple data points to prepare and deliver a usable analysis of this information. In addition to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, users can connect to sources including Excel, Google Analytics, and social networks. Power BI enables users to combine data from these sources to produce distinct and meaningful graphics that fully and effectively communicate this as actionable information. User-modified dashboards can be used to view all information in real-time, control how data is accessed, and allow for secure sharing.

Constraints for Power BI include size limitations, making it more suited for reporting on smaller data sets or producing one-time reports. For smaller users, Power BI is an excellent tool that will thoroughly serve these needs. As businesses grow (or for larger businesses or organizations), more complex and larger data models require enterprise-level solutions. Jet Reports fulfills this need.

To read more about Power BI, please see our What is Power BI? blogpost.

Jet Reports

Working with larger data sets – financial, budget, operational data, etc. – requires a more powerful tool. Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Jet Reports provides users with the ability to accomplish this. Users have access to pre-built reports, dashboards, automated data warehousing, as well as an Excel user interface. Operating from an intuitive platform, Jet Reports allows users to drop, drag, add and create. Further, it can be used with Power BI to produce the same highly effective data graphics.

As a reporting solution, Microsoft Jet Reports provides all of these features and allows users to schedule and modify tailored automatic reports, without the need for advanced programming skills.

For more information, please read ArcherPoint’s Jet Reports Suite of Products.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Intelligence Solutions

Getting the most from the data that you collect relies on effectively processing the information you have. Based on your requirements and specific needs, Power BI, Jet Reports, or a combination of the two are capable of providing this for you. You can read more about both on the ArcherPoint blog at Power BI, Jet Enterprise, or Both?.

If you have specific questions or want to learn more about how to take advantage of Power BI or Jet Reports with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, please contact ArcherPoint. Our team is ready to work with you to help put these powerful Business Intelligence solutions to work for your organization.

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