Microsoft Dynamics NAV Resources - Help Please!

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Resources - Help Please!

When facing a question in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, I often feel like I am the only person in the world who has a question. In fact, however, there are users like you and me in more than 102,000 companies that use Microsoft Dynamics NAV worldwide. With that in mind, odds are that someone else has seen and solved the problems that you are experiencing.

Below are a few resources that are available to you to learn more about how Dynamics NAV works, or resources that you can use to help resolve any problems that arise.

Dynamics NAV Help Screens

In Dynamics NAV you have access to Help screens designed to assist with many questions that occur. You can access the Help Database by hitting F-1 key or the “Question Mark” in the upper right corner of your Dynamics NAV Client.

Select the Help Databases by selecting “F-1” or “?”

Figure 1 – Select the Help Databases by selecting “F-1” or “?”

These help screens are designed to give you information and allow you to search the Help documents for related topics. Aside from having multiple links to additional information, The Dynamics NAV Help screens allow users to search the contents of the Dynamics NAV Help documentation. You can hit the “Contents,” “Index,” and “Search” tabs for additional information. Below is an example of a NAV Help screen.

Image of a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help Screen

Figure 2 – A Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help Screen

Microsoft Resources

Microsoft’s CustomerSource is another great tool to research Dynamics NAV. This tool is included as a benefit of your organization’s service plan with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. CustomerSource is a secure site that allows you to access job-tailored productivity tools including unlimited training courses and self-support resources like the knowledge base. Learn more about the many benefits of CustomerSource.

Microsoft CustomerSource

Figure 3 – Microsoft CustomerSource

Microsoft provides another great resource called the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN), and provides users access to Microsoft learning resources.

I recommend checking out the “How Do I” video series, as this provides great information in short informational videos for versions NAV2009 and later. 

Book Resources

For even more resources, I found that there are several books that provide training and reference. Amazon has over 40 books that cover a variety of topics in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Visit for a listing of Dynamics NAV books available.

Community Resources

There are several resources in the vast Microsoft Dynamics NAV User Community that provide guidance and assistance on how to get the most out of Dynamics NAV. These groups, including the NAV User Group (NAVUG), Microsoft Business Solutions (MiBuSo), and the Dynamics User Group, are designed to share knowledge of the application and can provide a great resource for networking and learning more about Dynamics NAV.

Experts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

ArcherPoint specializes exclusively in business solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV—formerly Navision. We’ve been working with Dynamics NAV and Navision since 1988, so when you choose ArcherPoint, you get a team that knows the product inside and out. At ArcherPoint, our certified professionals not only have Dynamics NAV expertise, they also have real-world experience in accounting, business process tools, and vertical industries.

For more resources and tips related to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, read our expert team members’ blogs and our blog written especially for NAV developers.

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You Are Not Alone

When facing a challenge in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, remember that you are not the only user in the world of Dynamics NAV—you are not alone. Reach out to the resources that you see in this blog, explore on your own, or contact ArcherPoint, and you will see that in the Dynamics NAV Community there are plenty of resources that can assist you.

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