Microsoft Inspire 2019 Nadella Keynote: What Customers Need to Know

Microsoft Inspire 2019 Nadella Keynote: What Customers Need to Know

The Technical Landscape

The keynote Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella delivered to Microsoft partners at the 2019 Inspire conference was…inspiring. But why should customers be inspired? Nadella had much to say, so we’re boiling it down in this 3-part blog series to relay what this means to anyone using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV.  

Nadella reminds us of Microsoft’s mission: To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Everything he discusses in the keynote relates back to that mission.

Tech Intensity

One of the key phrases used in the keynote was “tech intensity”. What is tech intensity? It is the rate of technology adoption within an organization, along with its ability to build its own digital capability. This isn’t just a buzz word. Tech intensity can fuel organizational transformation – it is the potential for companies and countries to jump-start their growth by not just adopting technology, but by building their own technology, too.

Nadella states that organizational transformation will be digitally and software driven. Your technology partners need to help you adopt new technology—the latest and greatest as quickly as possible—to improve your productivity and competitiveness.

We are moving into a world where everyone is in the software business; companies will need to build their own technology and have their own software capabilities. In fact, the hiring of technical people in non-tech industries is growing at a rate of 11% faster than hiring technical people in the tech industry! This speaks volumes about the transformation that is taking place in business today.

Democratizing Digital Transformation

Data, collaboration, scalability, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are all components that will help democratize digital transformation. But data is the foundation. Right now, most companies are producing masses of data, but in silos. The data can’t be used as a whole to inform decision making and strategies.

With tools like Github for collaboration, Azure for connectivity, and SQL for computing power, you have the framework for digital transformation.

And AI and machine learning becoming more imbedded in the world so you can run AI where the data is produced will be key to building out applications that can take advantage of the data.

There are many breakthroughs in speech and object recognition, machine translation, and computer vision. Combine this with the affordability and availability of Microsoft tools, and you too can be a digital disruptor.

Join us here on the ArcherPoint blog for Part 2, Connecting the Entire Enterprise.

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