One Habit of Amazing People – They Show Up Ready To Amaze

One Habit of Amazing People – They Show Up Ready To Amaze

Amazing people have many habits in common. A book by Shep Hyken, Be Amazing or Go Home, discusses these habits. One habit is that they show up ready to amaze. As Hyken says, “Amazement is all about showing up at the top of your game.”
As I was reading the introduction to this first habit, I had one of my “duh” moments. We, as a company and as people in general, should be doing this every day, but I will admit, I fall short in this often. How often do we get so caught up in the next task that we do not entirely focus on what we need to be doing now?
How often do you schedule your meetings on top of each other with no room in between to allow you to review and prepare to focus on your customer entirely? How often do we show up and wing it, hoping for the best?

With the technology today and the customer’s need for and expectation of quick responses and immediate resolutions, we are put in a mindset of go-go-go. How often do you rush through a call, a case, or researching a solution to a customer issue, only to have to revisit that issue later? When you become so focused on making it to the next task, you do not provide your best work, and you will probably not instill a level of confidence or trust with your customer. 

Showing up ready to amaze is about being prepared, makings sure you give the customer your full attention, being on top of your game every time, and taking the time needed to provide this every time.
When I look at myself, I see a lot of room for improvement in this area. I have started looking more closely at my calendar and have been trimming the number of meetings I am attending, and I am working on ways to make my sessions more efficient (adding agendas is my first step in this process). My long-term goal is to spend the morning before my day starts reviewing my upcoming meetings and making notes on my topics and what I want to talk about, so I bring value to each session I attend. Another goal is to only accept meetings that allow at least a 5 minute break before my next call. These three things should enable me to show up and be ready, so that I have the opportunity to amaze.
I want to challenge readers to think of one thing you could change this week that would help you show up every time you are working with an internal or external customer, prepared and ready. I would be interested in what changes you make if you are willing to share. I might be able to implement some of your ideas, too! 

Read more about the habits of amazing people and share your ideas with us!

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