Order Fulfillment in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 

Order Fulfillment in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 

Order fulfillment can be challenging for any business. When orders cannot be filled accurately and efficiently the potential consequences are serious:  

  • Inefficient processes: The inability to fill orders efficiently and accurately causes more inefficiency down the line, leading to wasted time and resources…which means increased costs…which you will be forced to pass to the customer.  
  • Decreased productivity: Likewise, insufficient order fulfillment adds more work in dealing with those issues. This takes time and resources away from productive work, thus leading to the same problems that affect costs, sales, and future business. 
  • Unhappy customers and lost business: If your customers—regardless of how long they’ve been your customer—can’t get their orders filled on time, they will be unhappy, and your relationship can be permanently damaged. They might even leave you for another supplier. In the end, you lose a sale, and, worse, future business.  

The Answer: Optimize Order Fulfillment with Technology  

To avoid these issues and reduce a serious threat to your business, you need to optimize your order fulfillment process. One way to do this is with technology designed for the job and one that works hand in hand with your ERP and other critical systems. Look for these features in your order fulfillment technology:  

  • Real-time inventory updates: Real-time updates on inventory levels help you ensure you always know exactly what you have on hand, which can help you quickly determine which orders can be filled and which are missing stock so you can take action before an order is late or worse—can’t be filled. 
  • Order prioritization: Users need the ability to sort on and filter orders so they can group orders by customers or prioritize based on criteria such as when carriers pick up. The more control you have over prioritizing your orders, the more efficient your process becomes. 
  • Issue identification: The faster you can identify potential problems, the faster you can correct them—or even prevent them. Your technology needs to provide you with visibility into the process, alert you when potential issues arise, and make recommendations on how to prevent or mitigate the issue—for example, moving inventory from another location to complete the fulfillment of an order. 

By leveraging the right order fulfillment technology, you can improve efficiency, increase productivity, and keep your customers satisfied, even when inventory shortages arise. If you’re using Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, Insight Works offers the Order Fulfillment Worksheet, a powerful app that ticks all the boxes for Business Central users.  

Learn More to Help with Order Fulfillment

Watch this video to learn more about Order Fulfillment Worksheet, then talk to ArcherPoint about your order fulfillment or other issues preventing you from increasing satisfaction and improving your bottom line. 

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