Power BI in Brief – August 2020 

Power BI in Brief – August 2020 


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Power BI Desktop – August Feature List

More exciting updates for August—as always:

  • Reporting – Perspectives support for Personalize visuals; rectangular lasso-select for data points; additional dynamic formatting support to more visuals
  • Analytics – Direct Query support for Q&A
  • Visualizations – Linear Gauge by xViz; advanced Pie & Donut by xViz; ratings visual by TME AG; toggle switch by TME AG; fdrill down Pie PRO by MAQ Software; ADWISE RoadMap; updates to ArcGIS Maps; extending Admin capabilities for AppSource visuals
  • Template Apps – Agile CRM analytics for Dynamics 365
  • Data Preparation – Text/CSV By Example
  • Data connectivity – Cherwell connector; Automation Anywhere connector; Acterys connector

Read more about the latest update to Power BI Desktop.

Power BI Developer Update 

And the updates continue—this time, for developers:

  • Updates in embedded analytics 
  • Automation & life-cycle management
  • New API for updating paginated reports data sources
  • Get dataset/s APIs return new additional properties
  • Embed capabilities
  • Persistent filters support for embedding in the organization
  • Phased embedding
  • Control focus behavior for create/clone visual
  • Additional Javascript API enhancements
  • Selected learning resources

Learn more about the latest developer updates.

Multiple Data Lakes Support for Power BI Dataflows

And if that’s not enough, Microsoft also announced improvements and enhancements to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 support inside Dataflows in Power BI. Improvements and enhancements include: Support for workspace admins to bring their own ADLS Gen2 accounts; improvements to the Dataflows connector; take-ownership support for dataflows using ADLS Gen2; minor improvements to detaching from ADLS Gen2. Changes will start rolling out during the week of August 10. Read more on multiple data lakes support in Power BI dataflows.

React Power BI Live on NPM and Open Sourced on GitHub

The cherry on the top, which has created quite a buzz: The Power BI React component is now live on NPM and open sourced on GitHub. This new tool is a Power BI component for React, a popular open-source JavaScript library. React Power BI Live allows for easier integration between Power BI and React web applications, supporting both JavaScript and TypeScript. It will help with embedding analytics in a React web application. Overall, this new tool will help you get up and running much faster with embedded analytics in your application. Finally, the library for React allows you to embed Power BI reports, dashboards, dashboard tiles, report visuals, and Q&A. It helps optimize performance and use client-side APIs, including report authoring, and simplifies the Power BI embed lifecycle management in React applications.

Learn more about React Power BI.

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