Power BI in Brief–December 2020

Power BI in Brief–December 2020

Power BI is constantly changing for the better, so we share the latest tools, tips, and opinions every month to keep you informed. What to learn more? Talk to the Power BI experts at ArcherPoint.

Why You Should Be Excited About Dynamic M Parameters in Power BI

Power blogger Chris Web has officially announced that his favorite feature in the latest release of Power BI is “undoubtedly dynamic M parameters…” because they “let you do a whole bunch of cool things that weren’t possible before,” like creating dynamic calculated columns. Read Chris’s blog, Why I’m Excited About Dynamic M Parameters In Power BI.

How to Improve File Import from SharePoint in Power BI and Power Query

The Biaccountant (a.k.a., Imke Feldmann) shares some helpful tips regarding SharePoint, Power BI, and Power Query: “When you use the UI to import files from SharePoint, you’ll end up with the Sharepoint.Files function,” which can be slow when used on large SharePoint sites because it will retrieve metadata for ALL files on the site. She offers a better way for File import from SharePoint. Read about it in her blog, Improve File Import from SharePoint in Power BI and Power Query.

New Features in Power Query and Dataflows

Microsoft released many new Power Query & Dataflows features throughout the fall. Highlights include enhancements to Data Transformations and Query Editor, new and enhanced Connectors, new automation possibilities for working with Dataflows programmatically, Dataflows Management, Compute & APIs, and more. Get a full recap in the Power BI blog, What’s new in Power Query & Dataflows – November 2020.

On-premises Data Gateway November 2020 Update

The On-premises data gateway November 2020 update (version 3000.66.4) is now available, featuring Hive LLAP Connector on Gateway, a November version of the mashup engine, a .Net Framework Update, deprecation notices, and more. Read all about it in On-premises data gateway November 2020 update is now available.

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