Power BI in Brief – May 2020

Power BI in Brief – May 2020

Once a month, ArcherPoint gathers the top headlines in the Power BI world to keep you informed, educated, and equipped to take advantage of its benefits. Do you have questions or want to learn more about Power BI?

Public Preview: Automation of Data Gateway Installation

Enhancements have been made to the data gateway PowerShell cmdlets, including new cmdlets that enable automation of gateway installation. This current release covers the installation of a gateway cluster with one gateway member only; adding gateway members to an existing cluster or gateway recovery is not currently supported through these cmdlets. Read more

New! Developer Samples for Power BI Embedded Analytics

Microsoft has just released new developer samples for Power BI embedded analytics to help developers get up and running faster in a variety of programing languages and frameworks and provide examples of REST APIs calls from various programing languages. The six new samples include two new updates for existing samples. Read the blog for a full list of samples and updates.

Synapse SQL Monitoring Template

This blog from InsightQuest provides two Power BI templates—one import, one DirectQuery—that query common dynamic management views (DMV) used to monitor Azure Synapse Analytics. These visualizations provide high-level visibility to active or recently active sessions, query executions, and waits. In addition, three detail report pages support deeper analysis, such as retrieving the SQL command associated with a wait or long running query. Read the entire blog.

How to Speed Up Data Refresh Performance in Power BI Desktop Using Table.View

Chris Webb always offers excellent tips in his blog. In this blog, he addresses the issue of working with slow data sources or complex Power Query queries in Power BI Desktop with a technique that he says can cut the wait by 50 percent. Read more and see a good example the blog.

How to Build your Own Coronavirus Charts with Power BI

The numbers and trends everyone wants to know today: What is happening with the Coronavirus? In this blog, you’ll learn through a PBIX file that includes all the connections to the data sources (updated hourly) and some basic measures and visualizations created. The PBIX can be downloaded for free; you can then build out your own reports and enhancements from there. You will also find some basic charts created for you, but you don’t have to stop there; you can then build out the visuals you would like to see and share them online or elsewhere (please acknowledge coronoadatasource.org for their work). Once you have built your report, you can share it online using public sharing at powerbi.com. Read the blog.

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