Power BI in Brief – November 2019

Power BI in Brief – November 2019

Each month, we bring you the top headlines in the world of Power BI to bring you this Brief to keep you informed, educated, and prepared to take advantage of its constantly changing capabilities. If you have any questions or would like to learn to learn what Power BI can do for your organization, contact the Power BI experts at ArcherPoint.

A Power BI Success Story

Recently, a Power BI user shared the story of her company’s “massive data overhaul”, which was supported by Power BI. She details her experience from going from 0 to full throttle with Power BI. Approximately 75% of all reporting was done from querying the live system, with the remaining 25% from a copy of the live database…and data silos “everywhere” and chronic issues with inconsistent data. “Power BI has completely changed the way in which the business views and accesses data,” she said. “Power BI has truly changed our workplace for the better.” Read the full story.

AutoML Now Generally Available

Microsoft officially rolled out AutoML in Power BI as generally available in all public cloud regions where Power BI Premium and Embedded are available. Even users without a background in machine learning can build ML models to address business problems that before required experienced data scientists. Most of this data is automated by Power BI while providing visibility into the process used to create your ML model, providing full insight. Read more about the AutoML release.

New Data Protection Capabilities Now Available

Along with revolutionizing how organizations operate, digital transformation has also, unfortunately, opened the door to new threats to your data. To reduce the risk of data leakage, the Power BI team worked with the Microsoft Information Protection and Cloud App Security teams to provide a solution that will enable you to protect your data without losing any of the strengths offered by Power BI. You can now:

  • Classify and label Power BI data using the same Microsoft Information Protection sensitivity labels used in Office.
  • Enforce governance policies on export Power BI content to Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF.
  • Monitor and protect user activity related to sensitive data in real time with alerts, session monitoring, and risk remediation.
  • Empower security administrators using data protection reports and security investigation capabilities to enhance organizational oversight.

Read more about these new capabilities.

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