Preview of UG Summit North America Sessions Presented by ArcherPoint

Preview of UG Summit North America Sessions Presented by ArcherPoint


UG Summit North America 2019 kicks of next week (October 15) in Orlando, and if you’re going, you won’t be disappointed with the amazing variety and number of learning sessions available on every topic, for every role in your organization.

ArcherPoint has always been a big proponent and supporter of the NAV/BC User Group and Summit, so we’re in it big time this year, too, with 11 ArcherPoint employees presenting in 14 sessions plus 2 Academy classes (deep-dive sessions offered prior to the general conference). Here’s a sneak peek at those sessions:

Defensive Programming – Matt Traxinger

In this session you’ll learn how to protect yourself from of invalid data, events that can “never” happen, and other developers’ mistakes.

Do You Need a Third-Party WMS or is Core NAV Enough? – Leanne Paul

In this session, you’ll learn how to evaluate your warehouse needs and how WMS features in BC/NAV can help.

Scale or Fail: How to Realize Your Dreams, Explode Your Growth, and Let Your Business Soar – Greg Kaupp

This session explores ideas, tools, and techniques to help challenge the status quo to create the lives, teams, and businesses that continue to grow and scale no matter the circumstances.

AL and VS Code: The Good, The Bad, and The Fine Print – Saurav Dhyani, David Kaupp

This session provides insider tips on becoming proficient faster and with fewer surprises, as well as time-saving tips on how to work in VS Code around workspaces and more.

Inventory Optimization and Intermittent Demand: Why Forecasting Isn’t Enough – Bruce Kennedy

This session discusses typical approaches, combining forecasts and rules of thumb, why they often fail, and how probabilistic modeling methods can impact your bottom line.

Hands on Lab: For the New Developer – Getting Started with VS Code and AL – Saurav Dhyani

With the fall release, the Microsoft base app will move completely from the traditional object designer and C/AL language to the new environment within Visual Studio Code. This workshop will give even new developers the chance to learn how to handle AL development from scratch.

Sell Your Products On Amazon, The Basics – Matt Street

Learn the various ways you can sell your products on Amazon, manage inventory in Amazon Warehouses, as well as fulfilling all those customer orders that are bound to come through.

For the New Developer – What Do You Need to Start Coding? – Leanne Paul

This session covers all the basics of coding and some best practices to make sure you get started on the right foot.

Software Evolution: Refactoring – Matt Traxinger

Our new AL mutation isn’t a futuristic storyline anymore – it’s here. And the opportunity to evolve both ourselves and our systems has never been greater.

Hands on Lab: Microsoft Flow: Approval Workflow for Pricing Changes – Matt Traxinger

This session will show you how to build and use a workflow using Microsoft Flow and SQL Server Connector that directly enters approved pricing changes into a BC/NAV database.

For Your Next Upgrade, Go Hybrid – Jon Long

Your next upgrade to 2018 or BC doesn’t need to be completely to an all-extension environment. This session discusses the how to take a hybrid approach.

Sign Up for Sessions Now…and Visit Us at Booth 901

Be sure to sign up for the sessions that will help you, plus be sure to come by the ArcherPoint booth (901) to ask questions about your sessions, see Microsoft Dynamics Business Central in action, learn about the advances that will make upgrading a non-event, and check out ArcherPoint’s Rental Process Management solution.

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