Remote Server Monitoring and Management for Complete Protection Of Your IT Infrastructure

Remote Server Monitoring and Management for Complete Protection Of Your IT Infrastructure

If you manage your own your servers and the rest of your IT ecosystem, whether on-premises or other, you’re familiar with server monitoring and management, the process of tracking resources and metrics to make sure systems and servers are working properly. This not only helps you keep everything up and running, but it also helps you understand how resources are being used and find ways to improve performance to ensure the best user experience. Then there is remote monitoring and management (RMM).

Unfortunately, if you’re like most companies, you’re probably not doing remote monitoring and management. Aptly named, it is the same thing as described above but done remotely with the help of remote monitoring and management services or software. Remote monitoring improves efficiency, not only finding ways to increase performance but also freeing your IT team to do other things, which saves money.

Most importantly remote monitoring and management ensures there are no surprises that will cause your system to go down when you least expect it and leave you dealing with panicked and angry phone calls from users. It’s proactive, so it notifies you of any issue that, left unaddressed, can or will affect performance or function. With remote server monitoring software, you can identify and address server hardware issues, monitor performance and availability of remote servers, and identify and even address performance issues.

If you’re not closely monitoring critical areas, you’re asking for trouble. Even if you have IT staff doing the monitoring, you can miss things. For example, we know of a company that had a backup schedule all set up but did not realize that, for months, the backups were not being successfully executed. This could have been disastrous. Remove server monitoring can take that risk away by verifying that what is supposed to be happening is happening, and is there for you 24/7, including weekends and holidays, and the middle of the night.

What Can Be Monitored Remotely

Nearly anything can impact operations or performance can be monitored with remote monitoring and management services, including:

  • Disk space running low
  • Uncontrolled database log growth
  • Utilization levels affecting performance
  • SQL server fails 
  • NAV server fails 
  • Network availability
  • Server availability (monitored for uptime)
  • Website responsiveness

The Cost and Effort Are Surprisingly Low … And Worth Every Penny

If you think RMM services are expensive, think again. Typically, pricing is based on a per-device or per-endpoint, per-month charge. You place the services where you want them, so you have control of what’s being monitored and what you want alerts for. There is some up front work to set up and configure, but once it’s done, you can let it go do what it was meant to do. Per device or per endpoint per month charge, placed where you want it.

Contact ArcherPoint for Remote Monitoring and Management

Get started today with remote monitoring and management of your critical IT systems. ArcherPoint’s Managed IT Services can help you with a strategy and execute on it for complete peace of mind. Contact us today.

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