Removing Pain Points for Retailers with the Dynamic Duo, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 and LS Central

Removing Pain Points for Retailers with the Dynamic Duo, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 and LS Central

Retail and omnichannel business are moving fast. With so many options for consumers, retailers need a unified software solution to manage core financial operations while also offering strong retail functionality, such as Point of Sale (POS), loyalty programs, replenishment, ecommerce, and staff management.

A robust unified platform allows retailers to move away from managing separate software systems and devote less time to platform integration issues, as business starts to grow. The combination of LS Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central delivers one common database and an unified solution.

LS Central is a proven retail software system from LS Retail, an aptos company, and has been a strong business solution for retail chains with more than 50 employees for years.

Unify Online and Physical Stores Operations

High-growth retailers are experiencing many pain points, and one is managing a physical store presence and multiple online sales channels. The dynamic duo of LS Central and Business Central offers a consistent experience across all channels, which is important for company branding and managing inventory, prices, and campaigns.

Scale your business

Retailers recognize the immense opportunity with an omnichannel approach but can be overwhelmed in connecting inventory management data to sales information. That’s why a single retail platform can accelerate sales opportunities by being able focus on adding new stores, online channels, or loyalty programs, while easily integrating that information into one database. For example, LS Central can support mixed business opportunities. Retailers may see an opportunity to add a food service or hospitality component to its core business. With LS Central and Business Central, this new revenue stream can be added to your existing database, with no separate software needed.  

Benefits of a Cloud Platform 

LS Central is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, which is hosted in a secure and reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud. Accordingly, the secure online SaaS platform allows owners to focus on business and not managing software infrastructure. Plus, LS Central SaaS is always on the latest version. LS Central POS can also run offline and still record sales in the event of an internet outage.

One System for Business, Management and Merchandising

As businesses grow, complexity rears its ugly head. With one robust SaaS online platform, businesses can integrate separate business functions in one platform and collaborate on decision making. By bringing together the CEO, financial team, merchandising, and store operations, companies can recognize current sales and supply chain issues on one common platform. Consequently, integrated business teams can spot trends and produce strategic, data-based decisions with one source of truth..

Partner with ArcherPoint and LS Retail

The days of managing two to three separate retail software systems is gone for businesses running LS Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. ArcherPoint is a leading Microsoft and LS Retail solution partner and can offer expertise on how to start moving forward with a unified retail solution.

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