Top Two Ways to Optimize Your Dynamics NAV ERP Investment

Top Two Ways to Optimize Your Dynamics NAV ERP Investment

Unlike many other software programs a business may use, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software affects all aspects of a company and is an essential platform for managing and supporting all business operations. As ERP software can be transformational and add significant value, companies understandably want to optimize this software and realize the biggest return possible on their investment. The following are the top two ways your company can get the most out of their ERP investment.

Get On a Support Plan

The idea of spending additional money on a support plan, after heavily investing in an ERP, is not something most companies get excited about or do readily; but they should. A support plan can give you peace of mind that whatever is happening with your ERP, you will be prepared.

You may have just implemented a new ERP or are happy with your aging ERP’s current functionality, and are confident the environment is stable and reliable however, this is today. What about tomorrow? Are you planning to upgrade at some point? Will you be adding to your staff, or expect your business to grow in the next year? It is in your best interest to get on a support plan now and have it in place before it becomes a necessity.

Most Dynamics NAV vendors offer support plan options to fit a company’s specific needs. ArcherPoint offers different support plan levels, with services that include:

  • Troubleshooting assistance
  • Mission-critical support
  • Compatibility questions
  • System installation issues
  • Training
  • Dynamics NAV security
  • Requests for system changes (reports, processing changes, etc.)
  • Requests for enhanced services (consulting, additional functionality and technology implementations, etc.)
  • Performance tuning and optimization
  • Office 365 and Dynamics NAV on Azure

Join and Participate in NAVUG

NAVUG or the Dynamics NAV User Group is an exceptional resource. It is a user-led, user driven community of 19,000 Microsoft Dynamics users that is proven to help users achieve higher satisfaction with their Dynamics product through education, networking, and events. Every member of your company has an opportunity to get involved with the Dynamics NAV community by becoming a member of Dynamics Communities, a for user, by user community. 

By being involved with your local NAVUG chapter you can meet other Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Microsoft Power Apps users, and learn what is working and what is not from real people who also use the Microsoft products you use. The more you know and understand your ERP, the more you will get out of the software. Instead of reacting to needs, understanding the software, its design, and practical uses will allow you to be more proactive and get more out of your investment.

Your ERP can be the software foundation of your company’s success. It can streamline processes, enhance productivity, and provide actionable reports. It makes sense that your company will want to invest in this software and keep the functionality optimized. Fortunately, there are two quick wins to help you optimize NAV: getting on a support plan, and engaging with the NAVUG community. Both are easy to do and will provide a positive impact on your Dynamics NAV ERP ROI quickly.

For more information on optimizing your Dynamics NAV ERP software to get the biggest return on your investment, contact ArcherPoint today to find out how we can help.

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