Hot New Features Coming in Business Central 2023 Wave 2

Hot New Features Coming in Business Central 2023 Wave 2

Microsoft’s Business Central 23 will be out this fall, and it comes with a ton of enhancements for development, AI, user administration and governance, reporting and analysis, UI, and Power Platform capabilities.

Here are a few of the features I’m most excited about! 

Add fields to pages

This feature was teased in Wave 1 and has been fully rolled out in Wave 2. Now ALL table fields are available to add to pages through Profile Customization. This can be done by any administrator, programming not required. Fields can be made non-editable too

Sync document and posting dates

Synchronize or decouple Document Dates and Posting Dates with a new setting in Sales & Receivable Setup or Purchases & Payables Setup. 

Search your Business Central instance for data like Document Numbers, Names, Addresses, and Amounts from the Tell Me dialog box. The results will show all records, documents, and transactions it finds for your search term. This feature provides a robust search in company data that increases productivity by removing the need to navigate through the system to find what you are looking for. Watch this video to learn how to add more tables and fields within those tables to be included in this search feature.

Show details

Navigate directly to a Card page from a lookup on a line, for example, an Item on a Sales Order. The Show Details feature in Business Central makes it much simpler to drill into the details of any picklist value for dropdown fields. Instead of having to navigate to details, involving several clicks, this new release provides a shortcut to details on any dropdown/picklist field in Business Central, providing one-click access to information, eliminating extra steps.

Browser tab information

The Company Badge is added to browser tabs, making it easier to distinguish between companies when working with multiple browser tabs.

Updates to the mobile app

The powerful Tell Me search feature is now available in the mobile app for phones and tablets. Barcode scanning has been added to the app, as well as worksheet pages. 

Consolidate across multiple environments

Consolidate financial data for business entities in multiple Business Central environments using API’s. 

Block item variants

If an Item Variant is no longer used, Business Central does not allow it to be deleted. Now unused item variants can be blocked from Sales or Purchase Orders and from being posted in transactions. 

More control over warehouse operations

Additional options have been added to control warehouse handling for Production, Assembly, and Jobs. Now warehouse handling can be different for Production and Purchasing/Sales. For example, Production Consumption may not require Warehouse Picks, but Sales Orders do. 

Quicker navigation to posted documents

Business Central now offers faster navigation to your posted documents. From the Sales Order/Return and Purchase Order/Return lines, drill down on the Qty. Received/Shipped, Qty. Invoiced, Return Qty. Received/Return Qty. Invoiced fields to see the Posted Documents.

See the full list of planned features for Business Central 2023 Wave 2.

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