What's New in Dynamics Business Central 2023 Wave 1?

What's New in Dynamics Business Central 2023 Wave 1?

Microsoft’s Business Central 22 (BC 2023 Wave 1) will be released soon. I thought I’d take a few moments to share a few of the features I’m most excited about! I’ll share noteworthy additions to this ever-evolving ERP solution with links to learn more from Microsoft Learn.

  • Add More Fields to Pages – Now ALL table fields are available to add to pages through Personalization. Previously only some fields were available, and for the others, a customization would be required to make the field available to add to the page.
  • Master Data Management – Synchronize data across companies, including Customer, G/L Account, Vendor, Posting Groups and Setups and Dimensions. We can choose to synchronize tables or specific fields in tables.
  • Analyze and Pivot Data on List Pages – On List pages, there is an Analyze button that will open the page in a different format, similar to exporting it to Excel. Data can be summed and pivoted directly in Business Central instead of exporting to Excel first. The created view can be saved in a new tab, and multiple tabs can be saved. Note: a data set is currently limited to 100,000 rows. Microsoft is working on increasing this limit. In the meantime, setting filters on the data before entering Analyze mode is advisable to avoid hitting the limit.
  • Batch Post Transfer Orders – Now, we can post batches of Transfer Orders instead of posting individual documents one at a time. Batch posting can be scheduled, similar to Sales and Purchase Orders.
  • Undo Shipment on Transfer Orders– Undo a transferred shipment (note: cannot be undone if the transfer has been received).
  • Renumber Document Numbers in Item Journals – If a number series is specified in the No. Series field on the Journal Batch, the Document Numbers must be in numerical order for the journal to post. A new function has been added to the page that allows renumbering the Document Numbers before posting.
  • Ship/Receive Non-Inventory Items on Warehouse Documents – In previous versions, a freight or insurance cost could not be posted on the Warehouse Shipment or Receipt, causing the document to remain open and the need to post those lines as an additional step. Now non-inventory lines can be shipped and received at the same time as the Items.
  • Set Default Dimensions on Locations – Now the Location default dimensions will be copied to Transfer Orders, Physical Inventory, Shipment, Receipt and Item Journals.
  • Preview Posting Added to Item and Warehouse Transactions – Preview posting has been added to the following Journals: Item, Production, Item Reclass, Job, Physical Inventory, Output, Consumption, and Revaluation. It’s also been added to the following Orders/Shipments/Receipts: Warehouse, Assembly, Transfer, Inventory Pick, Inventory Put-away, and Physical Inventory.
  • Enter Item Tracking Information on Journal Lines – Enable specific Item Journal batches to enter Serial and Lot information on the journal lines, rather than having to click to another page to enter the tracking. This can also be enabled on the Warehouse Physical Inventory Journal. Serial No., Lot No., Expiration Date, Warranty Date and Package No. fields are now available to show on the lines.
  • Drag and Drop Files – Now we can drag and drop files to the Attachments factbox. We can still use the file picker function if that’s preferable.

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