Why You Should be Selling on Amazon

Why You Should be Selling on Amazon


The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in an astronomical increase in online shopping/purchasing, and the numbers are continuing to rise. The global online shopping market size was predicted to hit $4 trillion in 2020, but due to current conditions, that’s very likely to be a much larger number. In short, eCommerce is dominating brick and mortar, and that is unlikely to change. And it’s not only retailers that are on the bandwagon; more businesses, like manufacturers and distributors, are bringing on eCommerce as a new, lucrative channel…and you should be, too.

But how? If you’ve held off because you’re concerned about the logistics or cost, Amazon has taken that off the table. Amazon has led the way in pushing eCommerce to the front of the pack by making it very easy to buy, return, and exchange purchases. And they have a vested interest in adding new sellers (the more sellers they have, the better market coverage), so they work very hard to make it as easy as possible for you to join the club.

This blog series discusses why you should be selling online, why it should be through Amazon, how Amazon works, and how ArcherPoint can help you make the move.

Part 1: Why Sell Your Products Through Amazon

This could be the shortest blog ever written.

Why should you sell on Amazon? Because they sell more than 12 million products and were responsible for nearly $300 BILLION in online sales in 2019 alone.

But let’s expand on that a bit. The fact is, Amazon is the 800-pound gorilla in eCommerce. While typically that’s not considered a compliment, in this case, it is—and it definitely benefits Amazon’s sellers…which could include you.

Here are some more reasons to choose Amazon:

  1. As just stated, Amazon has the volume of customers no other source can come close to—and not just consumers. More and more business-to-business shoppers are using Amazon for purchases.
  2. Simply put, Amazon is very, very good at eCommerce. They continually review processes and relationships to make the shopping experience better for customers, and they apply the same efforts to make it as easy as possible and very beneficial for their sellers. There is no doubt that they understand eCommerce better than most anyone, and they have the resources to make constant improvements.
  3. You, on the other hand, are very likely NOT an expert in eCommerce—and that’s ok. You’re not supposed to be, especially if you’re a manufacturer or distributor. In addition, it’s doubtful that, even if you had the knowledge and expertise, you would have the money and the bandwidth to set up and manage an eCommerce channel. Amazon already has the infrastructure and the reach in place; all you need to do is plug in.
  4. Amazon actually needs you as much as you need them. They count on volume and variety to be the go-to for shoppers around the world, and you add to that. When they realized several years ago that they should be focused on logistics rather than producing their own products or selling their own inventory, they put their efforts into perfecting that and making it easier for sellers to use them, offering to manage the sale and distribution of your products and collecting a fee from you for the services. It’s a win-win-win arrangement for Amazon, the customer, and you.

Interested in learning more? Download our latest eBook, Why Manufacturers and Distributors (and Everyone Else) Should Be Selling Online and…Why Amazon is the Way to Do It.

If you are already selling online, talk to ArcherPoint about Channel Sales Manager for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV—a fully integrated management tool for Amazon or other platform that connects with NAV or Business Central to make selling to your customers and managing the back-office functions of your eCommerce business seamless.

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