ArcherPoint's Most Popular Content in 2023

ArcherPoint's Most Popular Content in 2023

Every year, the experts at ArcherPoint work hard to provide informative content that covers a wide range of topics of interest to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users, from How-To blogs that show you how to accomplish specific tasks in Business Central to technical articles that explain how things work under the hood in Business Central to general technology articles that discuss topics that impact our customers.

2023 was no exception. We’d like to close out the year with a list of our most popular content for 2023. Thanks to our staff for their hard work putting these blogs and eBooks together.

1. Using Generative AI in Business Central

The popularity of ChatGPT has inserted the term “generative AI” into everyday conversation. Generative AI refers to a computer’s ability to generate content that simulates something a human would create, such as text, speech, images, music, or lines of code. Alex Wiley provides a comprehensive overview of how to access AI in Business Central, how AI can be applied across the organization, and the limitations to expect from the technology. Read his blog, Leveraging Generative AI in Dynamics 365 Business Central: Finding Opportunities and Understanding Limitations.

2. Reporting Options in Business Central

Business Central and Dynamics NAV users are often confused regarding reporting software. Jet Reports, Jet Analytics, and Power BI are popular options but are used for different purposes. Marian Frueh breaks down these reporting tools to help you understand their purpose and how they are used in her blog, Combining Jet Reports/Analytics with Power BI to Supercharge Your Reporting and Business Intelligence.

3. Using Templates in Business Central

Business Central has standard templates to help users create records more efficiently, including Vendors, Customers, Items, Workflows, Employees, and Journals. Alex Wiley put together this video to show how to access, modify, and use templates in Business Central. Read How to Use Templates in Dynamics 365 Business Central to learn more.

4. See What’s New in the Latest Release of Business Central

Microsoft released its latest version of Business Central this fall, full of great new features. We break down some of the top features included in warehousing, intercompany transactions, Power Platform integrations, and Copilot. Learn what all the buzz is about! Read Find Out What’s New in Dynamics 365 Business Central 2023 Wave 2.

5. Comparing Available to Promise and Capable to Promise

Running out of inventory for a popular item costs a business lost revenue and impacts customer satisfaction. However, too much inventory can also cost the company money. Available to Promise and Capable to Promise are two ways to maintain adequate inventory. Alex Wiley discusses the differences between the two in his blog, Comparing Available to Promise and Capable to Promise: Which is best for me?.

6. The Importance of Maintaining Cloud-Compliant Code in Business Central

Microsoft’s Universal Code Initiative, announced in 2022, ensures that all Business Central code, whether on-premises or in the cloud, is current and compliant. Companies failing to adhere to these recommendations, whether by using obsolete code in extensions or having custom code embedded in the base application, can end up having the extensions disabled and may incur additional costs. This topic is discussed in our two blogs Incompatible Extensions Error on Auto Update for Business Central SaaS and Is Your On-Premises Business Central Cloud-Compliant? It could end up costing you!.

7. The Impact of Losing Direct Access to SQL Server from Business Central SaaS

Many users became used to getting information from Business Central by querying SQL Server directly rather than using the native reporting functions in NAV or Business Central. Recently, Microsoft removed direct access to SQL Server from Business Central. Microsoft MVP Saurav Dhyani lays out why this move is a good thing and offers several alternatives to direct SQL Server access in his blog, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Losing Direct Access to SQL Server from Business Central in the Cloud.

8. Understanding How to Use Consolidations in Business Central

Consolidations are essential for companies with multiple legal entities or subsidiaries that report to a parent organization. In How to Use Consolidations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, we discuss what consolidations are and how to set up, test, and run consolidations in Business Central. We also tackle some of your frequently asked questions about consolidations.

eCommerce in the U.S. is expected to top $5 trillion in 2024, accounting for nearly 20% of all retail sales. We break down the top trends to expect in eCommerce for 2024 in our blog, Get Ready for 2024: Learn about the latest eCommerce trends.

10. Managing Cybersecurity Threats

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This year, we published a series of blogs on maintaining a secure web presence and managing external and internal risks. Two of our most popular blogs in this series were on using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to increase your defensive posture against attack dramatically and how protecting yourself against internal fraud is just as important as watching out for external threats. Read Remaining Vigilant: External threat detection with OSINT and Take a Look at Yourself: Addressing Internal Threats and Occupational Fraud to learn more.

Our most downloaded content in 2023

1. NAV vs. Business Central Feature Comparison

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central originated from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This eBook offers a feature-by-feature comparison between NAV and Business Central, starting with NAV version 4. The features are shown by functional areas, including Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, and Sales and Marketing. Download Comparing Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

2. Moving from NAV to Business Central

If you’re still running a version of NAV, moving to Business Central can seem daunting. We take the mystery out of the process by helping you understand what’s involved, what happens to your customizations, how to prepare for the move, and more. Download Upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central: Everything You Need to Know.

3. Stay on GP or move to Business Central?

Get straight answers on the future of GP (formerly Great Plains Software) and whether a move to Business Central makes sense for you. We look at your deployment options for Business Central, cloud or on-premise, and the steps to take now if you decide to move. Download Migrating from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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