Dynamics Business Central / NAV Developer Digest - Vol. 477

Dynamics Business Central / NAV Developer Digest - Vol. 477

ArcherPoint’s Developer Digest focuses on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV development. This week’s volume includes addressing performance issues in cloud-based BC, backend troubleshooting in BC Online, automatic update notifications of AppSource apps, and eliminating persistent “compile” errors.

The Dynamics 365 Business Central community comprises professionals devoted to advancing the success of their customers. Developers, project managers, and consultants collaborate to share helpful information across blogs, forums, and social media sites. From discovering new solutions to finding answers to complex issues, these dedicated individuals are constantly sharing their knowledge with others. At ArcherPoint, we recognize and appreciate this highly engaged community’s creativity, hard work, and collective intelligence. To ensure all users can benefit from their expertise, we want to share their wealth of information with everyone.

Addressing performance issues in cloud-based Business Central

As a cloud-based Business Central database approaches 100GB, background transactions can start causing performance issues. However, Business Central in the cloud hosted by Microsoft on Azure does not give you access to the backend or the information in Azure SQL.

Marije Brummel-de Krosse discusses the problem and provides some tools to help isolate potential problems. Read her blog, Index Packages | Business Central.

More about backend troubleshooting BC Online

With on-premises installations of Business Central, developers had various diagnostic tools available to identify issues. However, removing access to the backend processes in Business Central SaaS has made troubleshooting much harder due to the lack of visibility into the activity behind the scenes.

Developers can try using the “Database Missing Indexes” page within the UI, but it excludes some critical details.

Duilio Tacconi provides his view of the problem and potential solution in his blog, Dynamics 365 Business Central Online backend troubleshooting: what I am missing the most.

Notifications of updates to AppSource apps

Microsoft automatically handles updates of AppSource apps for Business Central SaaS during tenant updates as defined by the App Update Cadence parameter in the tenant’s Admin Center.

Stefano Demiliani poses the question, “But how can I be notified if an AppSource app is available on my customer’s tenant without going to the Admin Center? When managing tons of Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS customers, I would like to receive an automatic notification when AppSource apps are available on my customer’s tenant. In the notification, I would like to have the list of available updates with the related details for each app to update.”

His solution involves using a Powershell script to call the /availableUpdates API from the Admin Center.

To find out more, read his blog, Dynamics 365 Business Central: receive notifications when AppSource apps updates are available in a tenant.

Clearing the cache to eliminate persistent “compile” errors

Jon Long posted this time-saving tip:

Have you ever had a compile error that isn’t actually a compile error? You may even find that your code compiles, as the compiler redline “error” persists. You’ve tried closing the object and opening it to no avail. You might end up reloading your VSCode window, which fixes the issue.

However, there’s a faster way. Just Ctl-A (select all), Ctl-X (extract the text), Ctl-V (paste the ddl, and there you are.

Reload Windows = 1 to 6 minutes.

Ctl-A, Ctl-X, Ctl-V = < 1 second.

I think this happens due to some bug in the compiler’s cache that sits somewhere in the interface between your text(code) and the compiler. The cut and paste works (and reload window, for that matter) because, in doing so, that cache is cleared. That’s my theory.

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