Dynamics NAV and Business Central On-Premises ERP Users: It’s Time to Take the Bridge to the Cloud

Dynamics NAV and Business Central On-Premises ERP Users: It’s Time to Take the Bridge to the Cloud

The Bridge to Cloud promo mentioned in this post is no longer available, however, other promotions may be available. Contact your partner for current pricing incentives.

Are you using Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central on premises? If so, you’ve at least thought about moving to the cloud. The world is moving in that direction, and Microsoft has invested in Azure and cloud-based ERP products like Business Central SaaS that surpass the on-premises versions, making the prospect compelling. But what about cost? Microsoft has invested there, too, with Bridge to the Cloud. The Bridge to the Cloud program is designed to encourage on-premises users to transition to Business Central online within four years by offering financial and strategic benefits.

Benefits of Bridge to the Cloud

There are two major benefits of taking advantage of this promotion:

  1. Microsoft provides dual-use rights to Business Central online and your current on-premises licenses for up to four years, which enables you to continue using your current system now while  you’re planning your transition to BC online within the four-year timeframe. However, you do need to commit to the transition at some point during that timeframe.
  2. Microsoft discounts the Business Central licenses by 60% off the list price for up to four years. This roughly equates to a 3-1 license transition—three (concurrent) to 1 (named) users.
  3. You can continue using your current solution while you plan your transition and get comfortable with BC online.
  4. You continue getting your Enhancement Plan benefits for the duration of the term of the promotion.

The bottom line: This is an opportunity to plan your transition to Business Central online with very little risk.


Existing Dynamics GP, NAV, and Business Central on-premises customers who are active on their Enhancement Plan or have lapsed less than 30 days prior to enrollment are eligible for Bridge to the Cloud. Subscription-based customers or those who are not current on their enhancement plans or have not kept up on their annual renewal licensing are not eligible.


  • During the Bridge to the Cloud promotion period, you will have dual access rights to Business Central and the solution you’re currently on but can only have one solution live at a time. This enables you to test your new solution while maintaining normal operations on your current solution.
  • After the promotional period ends, you must fully move to Business Central (see options below) and no longer have your former solution.
  • You can continue to use your on-premises product in parallel with BC online while maintaining Enhancement benefits on your on-premises license through the promotion term when your migration is complete.


  • Bridge to the Cloud is available until December 31, 2022 (extended from June 30).
  • You can take advantage of the promotion any time prior to the deadline.
  • The promotional period is one year, and you have the option to continue the promotion for an additional three years. This means the Enhancement Plan, discounted license costs, and dual access rights to Business Central and your current solution can last up to four years.
  • You commit to a one-year subscription with three options for renewal:

Option 1: You can discontinue your cloud migration and revert back to your original solution and licenses. NOTE: If you plan to re-enroll your Enhancement, you will be liable for lapsed fees for the duration of the promotional term.

Option 2: You can migrate fully to Business Central SaaS.

Option 3: You can continue the promotional benefits in one-year extensions for up to three years. NOTE: With this option, if you decide to revert to on premises, you will need to pay lapsed fees for the length of time you were on the promotional pricing.


The great news is that the cost of Bridge to the Cloud is equal to your already established Enhancement Plan renewal amount. The promotion also offers an option to spread out the Enhancement Plan renewal amount through monthly payments. At the end of the promotion, you simply purchase the licenses you need to stay on BC SaaS.

Talk to ArcherPoint about Signing Up for Bridge to the Cloud

So, if you are planning to move to the cloud and Business Central online, you won’t have a better opportunity than Bridge to the Cloud to transition at your pace and at a discount! Talk to ArcherPoint about Bridge to the Cloud and your cloud transition plan.

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