Is a Dynamics NAV Upgrade Cheaper than a Cell Phone?

Is a Dynamics NAV Upgrade Cheaper than a Cell Phone?

Contrary to popular belief, a Dynamics NAV upgrade is not expensive. It is cheaper than a cell phone. In fact, the total cost of ownership for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is cheaper than a cell phone. Yes, a cell phone. Keep reading for a real world example and an explanation of why a Dynamics NAV upgrade is cheaper than a cell phone

True Cost of a Dynamics NAV Upgrade

Getting a Dynamics NAV upgrade will not solve all your business problems, however, it could. Moreover, getting an upgrade should be your first thought to solve your problems, in my opinion. Think about it, when you have issues with your router, you upgrade the firmware, when your phone or laptop is acting weird; you upgrade the operating system, or device itself. When my crazy electronic wind instrument starts making glitchy sounds, I upgrade the firmware before I do anything else. Dynamics NAV is no different. Except it is expensive. Or, is it?

Sure, some upgrades cost more than most of our annual salaries. Therefore, with that unfair perspective, yes, a Dynamics NAV upgrade is expensive. However, you have to consider the relativity of it; Dynamics NAV serves corporations with vastly more financial resources than most individuals. Dynamics NAV in general, is cheap, and upgrades are a fraction of the total ERP investment.

I recently spoke with a client who just completed an internal audit and gave me an interesting metric that makes the cost of Dynamics NAV seem very reasonable. This client is a relatively heavy NAV user, has a ton of customizations and is in a three-year cycle of upgrading. He said that, when you compare NAV costs per user, per month, over the past five years for his company, it is less than each user’s reimbursement for their cell phone: less than $80 per month per user on NAV related costs. This includes upgrades, customizations, maintenance, hardware, everything.

So while a side-by-side comparison of the cost of a cell phone versus a Dynamics NAV upgrade sounds ludicrous, when you consider all that Dynamics NAV does, how many people use it on a daily basis, and the impact it has on your company’s bottom line, it is not so outlandish. Further, if you take into consideration that a Dynamics NAV upgrade is only a portion of that expense, it makes it clear that a NAV upgrade is not only not expensive, it is paltry in comparison to the benefit of Dynamics NAV and the overall cost of NAV ownership.   

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