How to Set Up ACH Payments in Business Central

How to Set Up ACH Payments in Business Central

As many of you know, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central receives major updates twice a year and the recent BC 2022 Wave 1 added many new features for Accounting and Finance, including Block Deletion of GL Accounts and Auto-accepts Transactions for Intercompany Journals. Besides these new features, a hot topic in the BC support community has been how to set up ACH payments and optimize remittance processes for different business units.

There are multiple steps once a company decides to move forward with ACH payments and this how-to video also provides information about what can be expected from your bank. The ACH data transfer in BC relies on a specific format that a bank will communicate to your company, and this may take time to set up internally and test. For ACH payments, BC supports the corporate trade exchange (CTE) data format, and some banks may require modifications and added fields of information.

So enjoy this very informative and explicit look at how to begin with ACH payments in BC.

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