Impact of Artificial Intelligence on ERP

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on ERP

Since its introduction into the business world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has had, and will continue to have, a significant impact on all areas of business software. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is no exception. Your ERP is the foundation of your organization, playing an integral role in how your business operates, from accounting, to sales, and everything in between. Therefore, it only follows that AI-enabled ERP would have a tremendous influence all of all areas of your organization. The two biggest areas of impact of AI on ERP is in data interpretation and customer service.


Getting data from your ERP has never been easier. What is difficult though is taking raw data and transforming that into meaningful information to make strategic business decisions. Enter artificial intelligence.

Timing has a lot to do with the success of an AI, ERP marriage. ERP computing power has increased such that enterprise solutions can manage large data sets and complex algorithms. At the same time, there have been remarkable breakthroughs in machine learning, mainly due to the emergence of better, more sophisticated AI algorithms. These algorithms are now able to learn, respond, predict, and execute transactions. All of these improvements have led to the creation of different reporting tools such as Microsoft’s Power BI that help facilitate the transformation of data from raw numbers to actionable insights. As a result of these technological improvements, AI-enabled ERP helps companies take their now readily available data, and turn that information into to cost-efficient and more effectively run company operations.

Customer Service

Customer service is the other area where AI and ERP are coming together to create a more effective and productive software product. An AI-enabled ERP solution for customer service integrates the customer interaction with the work-order management process. An ERP with AI incorporated is able to learn from reports and previous work orders. It can take historical information and provide proposed answers to customer inquiries in a seamless fashion. AI can also help companies use their ERP to automate the scheduling of service calls and other service-related processes. The automation enabled from incorporating AI into an ERP results in saving time, streamlining operations, and improving the overall customer experience. AI can facilitate your customer service capabilities and the effectiveness of the ERP and your organization as a whole.

Business technology is changing at a break-neck speed with no end in sight. Artificial intelligence and developments in that area have pushed ERP software’s capabilities into new and different areas. Moreover, as ERP is the foundation of any company, AI-enabled ERP will continue to facilitate a company’s efficiency and ability to stay competitive in a rapidly changing, and increasingly competitive marketplace. Today the biggest impact of AI on ERP is in the areas of data and customer service, but the influence will likely spread as each technology evolves and matures.

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