Improving Business through Mixed Reality and AI in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Improving Business through Mixed Reality and AI in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft has released several new Dynamics 365 apps that leverage mixed reality and AI to help businesses cut costs, enhance the customer experience, and enable employees to be more productive. While virtual reality uses 3D images and visual hardware to create a virtual world around you, mixed reality allows users to add data to their interactions with the physical world, opening entirely new areas for business productivity.

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist allows a remote technician to use a smartphone or PC to view the output of a HoloLens headset. This can be used when servicing complex equipment, like aircraft, drilling equipment, or heavy machinery, where specialized knowledge of the equipment is not locally available. Using Remote Assist, the specialist can be located anywhere in the world and still see what the technician on the scene sees and direct the technician on how to repair the device.

Dynamics 365 Product Visualize lets users simulate how products will look before they are physically produced. Product Visualize can be used in manufacturing, automotive, health care, and other industries to validate designs, show prospects how the product will look, and find areas of improvement.

Dynamics 365 Guides leverages HoloLens to create real-world training courses using mixed reality.

Dynamics 365 Layouts uses 3D models to create architectural holograms or virtual reality tools to display room layouts to scale. Users can also move, resize, or rotate 3D models in real time.

New Dynamics 365 AI applications also help companies with all aspects of their business, including automation, fraud detection, and providing insights into customer and market behavior.

Businesses across industries are using these technologies now to gain a competitive advantage. Interested in what AI and mixed reality can do for your business? Contact ArcherPoint to learn more about what Dynamics Business Central has to offer.

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