Managing Color and Size Variants in ERP Systems

Managing Color and Size Variants in ERP Systems

A problem faced by many apparel retailers is how to manage the various colors and sizes of their merchandise from the Point of Sale (POS) to the back office. And although this problem is particularly thorny for apparel retailers (especially when certain colors or sizes warrant different prices), it can apply to any retailer offering various options such as colors and sizes for the same basic product, including furniture, electronics, and dinnerware, to give a few examples.

In this blog, ArcherPoint’s Matt Street discusses the pros and cons of some possible solutions to this problem as it relates to ERP systems and inventory tracking, including:

  • Ignore the colors and sizes and focus solely on the base product
  • Taking the opposite approach and create new SKUs for each color/size combination for each item in inventory
  • Taking the middle road and setting up the style and including the colors and sizes as “variants” of that style

Read the rest of this article, The Color/Size Conundrum: Part 1, at

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