Manual Discounts for Point of Sale Systems

Manual Discounts for Point of Sale Systems

A customer approaches your checkout clerk. There is a rip in the bottom left of a t-shirt, it’s the last one in stock, and they love the print. They decide that if you can give them a discount for the item that compensates for the rip, they’d love to make it theirs. It’s a reasonable enough request, but does your cashier know how to implement the discount at the Point of Sale?

Whether it’s discounting it by a percentage, a fixed dollar amount, or discounting the entire purchase, it’s important for your cashiers to be able to make the changes needed to retain sales. Learn how to make these changes in your POS with Dynamics NAV and LS Retail. Read the details and watch the video blog that will give you step-by-step instructions to make sure you’re ready to manually discount reasonable amounts in store.

Check out our other video blogs that go beyond the basics to give you better control:

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