Microsoft Business Central 2024 Wave 1 New Features

Microsoft Business Central 2024 Wave 1 New Features

Here are some exciting new features in Business Central 2024 Wave 1!

1. Define a service invoice posting policy for various users

Use posting policies in User Setup to define what functions users are allowed to do in Service Management. The options are Allowed (Ship, Invoice, Ship and Invoice), Prohibited (Ship only), Mandatory (Ship and Invoice). Read more about service invoice posting policies from Microsoft Learn.

2. Block item, item variant or service item from use in service management transactions

This feature prevents using certain items, item variants, or service items on service contracts, service orders, and service invoices. Read more about blocking item variants and service items on Microsoft Learn.

3. Use new Excel layouts for 35 selected reports

New Excel report layouts have been added for 35 reports in the finance, sales, and purchase functions. If data in the report is from multiple tables, each set of data is displayed in a different Excel worksheet. Read more about Excel layouts for selected reports in Business Central.

4. Use standard terminology for project management

Important to know if users work with Jobs – they have been renamed to “Projects”. This is more in line with what people who work in project accounting expect to see, eliminating some confusion around what Jobs really are. Only the captions (Project Tasks, Project Journals, Project Planning Lines) are updated. Functionally, Projects work the same way as Jobs did. Read more about the name change of Jobs to Projects in Business Central.

5. Assemble to Project

Users can now enter an assemble-to-order item on a Project (formally Job) Planning Line, and an Assembly Order will automatically be created. The function works similarly to the existing functionality on a Sales Order. Read more about Assemble to Project functionality in Business Central 2024 Wave 1.

6. Automate IRS 1099 Form submission

A new integration with the IRS allows users to automate the sending of forms to both the IRS and Vendors. 1099’s will now be documents with statuses like Open, Released, Printed, Sent, Reported, Approved, or Rejected. The 1099 forms will be based on templates that can be updated without having to undergo a full cumulative update. Read more about the 1099 IRS form submission feature in Business Central 2024 Wave 1.

7. Discover report and data analysis content easily

Users can search for data in reports through the “Tell Me” feature. Hover over a report title to see a description of the report along with an icon that shows whether the report can be run in PDF or Excel, if it’s a Power BI report, or if it’s a query that supports data analysis. A new “Report Explorer” page is available, and the report can run and open in a new browser page so that the Report Explorer can remain open. Read more about the “Tell Me” report feature in Business Central 2024 Wave 1.

8. Use drag and drop to attach multiple files

Attach multiple files to a single record at the same time. Read more about using drag and drop functionality to attach multiple files in Business Central.

9. Use actions to navigate and highlight or fix platform-generated errors

Error messages contain more information to help users resolve them. There will be a direct link to the page where the error needs to be resolved (protected by permissions). Easily copy detailed descriptions of the error to send to technical support. Learn more about additional information on platform-generated errors in Business Central 2024 Wave 1.

10. Share error details to get help from another user

A submenu allows copying details of an error message to be sent to another user through Teams/Outlook. Find out more about sharing error details in Business Central 2024 Wave 1.

11. Create Sales Lines easily with Copilot

Users can type in a description of an order, and Copilot will suggest Sales Lines, creating them automatically. Learn more about Copilot assistance with Sales Lines in Business Central 2024 Wave 1.

Find the full list of features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2024 Wave 1 in the release plan. Learn more about using Business Central with our How-To Videos.

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