Microsoft Dynamics NAV Filters

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Filters

You can perform advanced queries with Microsoft Dynamics NAV filters, similar to a Google search. This free Quick Reference Guide reviews different expressions and what they mean. You can also download a printable version to have a copy available wherever you are.

1) Filter on an Interval 

To filter between a range, enter FirstNumber..LastNumber

e.g. “1000..1200” would return results between 1000 and 1200

..Number filters all numbers up to and including that number

e.g. “..2000” filters all results up to 2000

Number.. filters all numbers, including and after that number

For dates, use the format Month Date Year to filter up to that date

e.g. “.. 12 31 00” filters dates up to and including 12 31 00

To filter on accounting periods, use the format PNumber

              e.g. “P8..” filters for account period 8 and thereafter

2) Equal, Greater than, and Equal to 

Not equal to <>Number

Greater than: >Number

Greater than or equal to >=Number

Less than

Less than or equal to <=Number

3) Either/Or 

To filter using either/or use the format Number1|Number2

              e.g. “1100|2100” would return entries with either 1100 or 2100

4) Specific Characters 

To filter results containing certain characters, use *Characters*

e.g. “*Co*” will find all entries that contain “Co”

To find entries that begin with certain characters, use Characters*

e.g. “Co*” will find all entries that begin with “Co”

To find entries that end with certain characters, use *Characters

e.g. “*Co” will find all entries that end with “Co”

5) “And” 

To filter using “And,” use the format Condition1&Condition2

              e.g. “>2000&<1000” will find all entries more than 1000 but less than 2000

              The & sign cannot be used by itself with numbers because no record can have two numbers.

6) Unknown Character 

To find a result with an unknown character, use the format Letters?Letters

              e.g. To find entries containing either “Hansen” or “Hanson” you would enter “Hans?n”

7) Case insensitive 

To find results that are not case-sensitive use @characters*

              e.g. “@man*” finds all entries that start with man and are not case sensitive

8) Exact Character Match 

To filter on an exact character match, use the format ‘characters’

              e.g. ‘man’ would only find entries with exactly “man”

If you have any questions about filters, don’t hesitate to contact ArcherPoint. And don’t forget to print and pin our Microsoft Dynamics NAV Filters Guide next to your NAV workstation. 

You may also be interested in downloading our Microsoft Dynamics NAV Shortcuts.

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