Microsoft Dynamics NAV Localization Portal

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Localization Portal

It can be a challenge to find out about localization fixes, regulatory features, and ISV solutions released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With NAV 2013, we receive a cumulative update each month that contains regulatory feature updates for most countries. Up until NAV 2009, these updates were released separately.

Microsoft now has a page on PartnerSource, called Microsoft Dynamics Localization Portal – Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Here is what you need to know about it.

What Microsoft says about the page

“​This Microsoft Dynamics Localization portal provides channel partners and customers with country-specific information about localization features for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, including regulatory features, documentation, certifications and information for country-related ISV solutions.”

What can you do here?

  • View a current list of localizations planned to be released for any designated country by version.
  • View and access links related to released country-specific localized features for any designated country by version. This includes​ features released as part of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, NAV 2013 R2, NAV 2015, and NAV 2016—plus, features released subsequent to the main version release above
  • View and access links for documentation related to specific countries or specific localization features
  • View information on country-related ISV solutions

How often is the page updated?

“The country reports contained within the portal landing page are refreshed every week to ensure information is kept up to date.”

Partner Source page link:

Sample report for the U.S.:

Figure 1 - Microsoft Dynamics NAV Localization Portal - U.S.

This page will help you find hotfixes for old version that are required during an upgrade. It also provides information on ISV Solutions.

If you have any questions about this function or other Dynamics NAV questions for any version, contact ArcherPoint.

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