Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Notes Attached To Documents Are Links

Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Notes Attached To Documents Are Links

I learned something useful (or maybe I relearned something useful) today that I want to make sure and write down for future reference—not only for my future reference, but everyone else’s, too. I need to give credit to Ed Fager, my esteemed ArcherPoint colleague who told me about this.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has both Links and Notes that can be attached to many documents. For example, I had a request from a customer today to block users from deleting Notes. They’re going to be using Dynamics NAV’s Notes extensively to handle a lot of customer requests along with notifications, and comments just aren’t going to work out for them.

This can be done, and fairly easily. You just need to remember that Dynamics NAV stores Notes in the Record Links table. This is one of those system tables in the 2 billion number range, like Users and Permission Sets. You can add code to the OnInsert, OnModify, OnDelete, and OnRename trigger to handle this.

Note that DELETELINKS won’t trigger the OnDelete code, so you will have to watch out for that one.

Hopefully, that’s helpful for you. And hopefully, I’ll remember it next time I need to mess with Notes.

SPECIAL BONUS VIDEO GAME TIP: Actually, I learned another something useful recently, but it has nothing to do with Dynamics NAV. I’ve been picking up Zangief as an alternate character in Street Fighter IV, and I learned how to pull off forward dashes into 360 throws. I’d seen it done in tournaments before, but I was enormously proud of myself when I got it to work. I’m still trying to get down forward dash into Ultra 1; that may take a while.

For more information on topics related to Microsoft Dynamics NAV development, read the ArcherPoint Developer Blog, written specifically for Dynamics NAV developers, or contact ArcherPoint directly.

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