Power BI in Brief – June 2020 

Power BI in Brief – June 2020 


Every month, we go to the experts from Microsoft and the business world to gather the top headlines in the Power BI world to educate, inform, and help you use Power BI to the fullest. Do you have questions or want to learn more about Power BI? Contact the Power BI experts at ArcherPoint.

Three Fixes to Frustrating Issues

Power BI expert Jason Cockington points out in his latest blog that Power BI is awesome, but there are still “niggling issues that can frustrate”. However, with changes occurring every day, these issues don’t stay around for long. Three recent improvements include Multi-Select Lasso Grab, Formula Bar Copy and Paste fix, and Personalizing Visuals in the Service. Read more in Jason’s blog

Power BI Pro Guide to Azure Synapse Analytics

Brett Powell is a genius when it comes to Power BI and analytics. He recently wrote The Power BI Professional’s Guide to Azure Synapse Analytics, a white paper discussing the Synapse Analytics platform and its benefits and use cases. To get a sample of the white paper, as well as some notes that weren’t included, read Brett’s blog.

Speeding Up Slow Pivot Operations in Power Query and Power BI

Pivot operations in Power Query are helpful but can slow refresh performance. But Imke Feldmann, also known as the BIccountant, offers a way to speed them up significantly. Read more about this tip in her blog, Performance Tip to Speed Up Slow Pivot Operations in Power Query and Power BI.

Creating “Stunning” Mobile Reports with Updated Mobile Authoring 

Today, people expect to have the same functionality on their phones as their desktops—and Power BI is no exception. With mobile authoring in Power BI Desktop, users can create report layouts optimized for phones, but also enabling the report to be optimized for a desktop as well. This remains the process for creating mobile-optimized reports, but Microsoft has added many new capabilities in the June release. Read Microsoft’s blog for more details on creating stunning reports.

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