PrintVis Partner Spotlight on ArcherPoint

PrintVis Partner Spotlight on ArcherPoint

This blog is a reprint of the PrintVis Partner Spotlight on ArcherPoint.

Last week, PrintVis hosted special training sessions in Atlanta for our North American Partners. Attendees were treated to both introductory lectures on the many facets of the graphics industry and deep-dives into the print-specific functionality we’ve built into Microsoft Dynamics.

Today we launch a new series, the Partner Spotlight, to celebrate our ever-growing Partner network and give a voice to Partners new and old, where they can share their thoughts, discoveries and noteworthy accomplishments with their PrintVis customers.

We’ll kick it off with ArcherPoint, which sent an impressively-large team to the sessions (a noteworthy investment of time and resources). Today’s guest writer Faithie Robertson attended all 5 days of the training along with quite a few of her colleagues. ArcherPoint is based all across the U.S. and Canada, and even India. They’ve been implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV (now Business Central) since way back in 2002.

PrintVis training has been an eye opener for me to all that the print industry is. 

I now see it everywhere, not just in bookstores or on magazine racks. The Print Industry puts ink (or some medium) to so many things:

  • everything in the grocery including those tiny labels on your oranges
  • shirt tags – whether they are printed and sewn in or printed on the shirt itself
  • cosmetic bottles and containers
  • pet food bags
  • instruction booklets for appliances
  • the “do not remove” tags on pillows (that we all remove anyway)

The printing industry is everywhere!  And that’s what makes PrintVis unique: whether printing on fabric, paper, metal, glass bottles – whatever medium you have with whatever “ink” you have –  it is the product that will deliver true print industry costing, estimating, production planning, shipping – the whole thing.

It reminds me of the old “Prego” spaghetti sauce commercial where the in-laws are complaining that the new daughter-in-law is using jarred spaghetti sauce.  Just like Prego, with PrintVis everything you need…“It’s in there!”

Want to send a quote for the original amount and a quote for an additional 10,000 units – it’s in there!

Want to quote on printing without adding the fluctuating cost of paper – it’s in there!

Need to design your own customer facing documents, job tickets, etc. – it’s in there!

Need a quick way to add fields to master tables without development – it’s in there!

Need to record time against the job and machine – it’s in there!

Need to ship an order with a shortage/overage quantity produced – it’s in there!

Need to ship one order to many addresses without creating thousands of orders – it’s in there!

There’s so much in PrintVis, and I know I’ve only scratched the surface – yet gone oceans deep!  And to top it off, it’s built on the rock solid platform of Microsoft Business Central (previously known as Dynamics NAV).

I look forward to leading print industry customers to an ERP system that will enable them to grow a most efficient and competitive printing business.

Thank you Faithie – and a warm welcome to you and all your colleagues at ArcherPoint!


And thank you, PrintVis for the warm welcome! Everyone here at ArcherPoint is excited about our partnership and looking forward to putting all that training to good use.

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